Days of our Lives: April 30 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 30 Live Thoughts
The drama continues on Days of our Lives today.  Abe (James Reynolds) shows, on the phone with the D.A., that although he really wants to charge John Black, the police don't have enough hard evidence to charge him.  Lexie (Renee Jones) shows up unexpectedly at his office.  She had a bad day at work and needs someone to talk to.

We learned on yesterday's Days of our Lives that because of complications from Chelsea's surgery, she won't be able to have children ever.  Bo (Peter Reckell) suggests that Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) talk to Marlena, but she wants to deal with her problems herself.

A nurse comes by to tell Chelsea that they have to run a few more tests.  (If tests turn out well, she might be discharged tonight.)  Chelsea wonders why Daniel isn't there to tell her that, and is hurt that he left without saying good-bye.

Lexie tells Abe about Chelsea's condition, so Abe offers to take her out to dinner at the pub.

Kate is at the pub to have a meeting with Tony (Thaao Penghlis).  Tony literally runs into Anna and gets knocked to the floor.  He gets angry, calling her a klutz before noticing that it's Anna.  He apologizes, which makes her suspicious.  Golly, you really can't win with this woman, can you?  He's distracted because he's worried about Kate.  Anna asks Tony point-blank whether there is something going on between him and Kate.  I am so sick of this, so I'm happy to report that Anna and Tony decide to just tell each other "I love you," and they kiss.  I hope their silly rivalry is over now.

Also at the pub, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) stops by to thank Max (Darin Brooks) again for saving her life.  She gives him a huge kiss, and he decides to ask for the rest of his shift off.  The two lovebirds retire to Max's room upstairs.  They tease each other a bit, but then, they get down to business and make love.  Afterwards, they lie in post-coital bliss next to each other.  They tell each other how happy they are and how right everything feels, and you know what?  I believe them.  This might be my downfall.

Dr. Daniel Jonas is enjoying some brews at the pub when he gets accosted by Kate (Lauren Koslow) for drinking instead of taking care of Chelsea.  He says that he can drink because he's not on call.  Kate wants to know why he took himself off Chelsea's case, but Daniel says that he doesn't need to tell her why.  He sits at the bar and gets soused.  Chelsea calls him on his cell and asks him why he didn't say good-bye before he left.  He tells her that he handed over her case to Lexie because he's a surgeon - Lexie would be better qualified to handle her post-op care.  She awkwardly thanks him for all he has done and hangs up.  Then she calls Stephanie, who is still making out with Max.  Stephanie picks up the phone and Chelsea confides in her about Daniel dumping her as his patient.  Chelsea is worried that she scared him off or something.  Nick (Blake Berris) comes by to visit Chelsea as she hangs up with Stephanie.

At the pub, Anna sits in on Tony and Kate's meeting.  She laughs when she hears that Tony's idea is for Kate to become the next Martha Stewart.  Anna says that she has a new client, John Black.  Meanwhile, Kate walks over to Lexie's table to ask how Chelsea is doing.  Lexie explains that Daniel took himself off of the case because he is getting too emotionally involved.  Almost simultaneously, Stephanie marches downstairs to have a little talk with Daniel.  Maybe if he just went home and drank by himself like any other self-respecting depressive alcoholic, he wouldn't be accosted so much.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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