Days of our Lives: April 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 23 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins today with Sami (Alison Sweeney) and John (Drake Hogestyn) back at home from working out at the gym.  Sami walks into the room and sees John without his shirt on.  Man, dude is in good shape for an old guy!  I can see now why Marlena likes him.  EJ (James Scott) sneaks back home from the gym as well, trying to avoid Sami.  Then, all of a sudden, Marlena (Deidre Hall) shows up unexpectedly.  Wasn't she supposed to be on a soul-searching mission or something?  Her trip was awfully short.  She couldn't have searched much of her soul in a week's time.

Morgan shows up at the pub and gives Max (Darin Brooks) some flyers from the Theta house to put up.  She's very upset because of the problems her parents are having.  Max gives her a hug.  Unfortunately, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) walks in just then and sees their embrace.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is in her room alone.  Angelo comes in and Kayla demands to know where the others have been taken and if they are alright.  She wants to talk to Ava.

John asks Marlena how her time away was.  She said it was nice and enjoyed the Colorado weather.  She says that she has decided that she must accept John for who he is, but she'll never give up on the old John. He asks her why she's so afraid to get to know the New John.  Marlena gets ready to freshen up, and he offers to join her in the shower.  They engage in a teensy bit of horseplay involving a lacy negligée, and Sami comes in to make everyone awkward.  Mother and daughter immediately fall into the fast-paced chatter that only mother and daughter are capable of.

Rolf soliloquizes to the painting of Stefano on the wall the he doesn't like this new John.  He remembers that Stefano downloaded all of John's memories onto a little disk.  Marlena interrupts him in his reverie and asks him what he was doing.  He says that he was just straightening the painting since it was a little crooked.  Sami interrupts and fills her mom in about the return of Nicole to Days of our Lives.  EJ overhears their conversation.  Marlena asks her to be honest with her own feelings, and she also appreciates that EJ is trying to change.  She wants to give EJ the benefit of the doubt and that Sami should to.  EJ walks in and asks Sami to listen to her mother.  Sami accuses him of eavesdropping and yells.  John shushes them.  Then, a baby starts crying and that's the last straw.  Then, Mr. Burke, the immigration officer, calls and makes an appointment with EJ.

Stephanie walks into the pub and brightly asks what's going on.  Max immediately knows that she is jealous, even though Stephanie is trying to play it off.  Stephanie is worried about her parents too, so Max gives her a hug.  A Vitali henchman is seated at a nearby table and stares at her menacingly.  He gets a call from Angelo, who tells him to stay on Stephanie, in case they need her for leverage.

Stephanie leaves the pub on the pretense of retrieving her cell phone, and then comes back.  Max calls her out on being jealous, and Stephanie finally admits to it.  Across the room, Morgan is making conversation with the Vitali henchman.  Steph goes over and apologizes and makes amends.  Then, Stephanie goes over to Max and tells him that she has something personal and private to tell him.  Max turns the lights out and asks the pub patrons all to leave, offering to pay for everyone's lunch.  Hrm, I'm not sure that Caroline would approve of this stunt.  Fortunately, though, his stunt gets rid of the Vitali henchman who has been trailing Stephanie.  Anyway, now Stephanie has no more excuses about telling Max how she feels about him.  And then, she says, "I love you, Max."  Woohoo!  There's a bit of awkwardness, but I think it's going to end alright.  Indeed, Max turns on some soft music and then tells her that he loves her too.  They kiss.  It's a beautiful moment, marred only by the fact that the creepy henchman is staring at them through the window.

Angelo brings Ava to Kayla's room.  The two women argue over which incarnation of Steve is the real Steve.  Ava pops some pills and Kayla asks her what they are.  Kayla says that she might be able to help her, since she's a doctor.  Kayla persists, guessing that Ava tried to commit suicide in the past, since she's wearing a cast on her arm.  Kayla suggests that she get a second opinion about the meds she's on.  Kayla finally begins to get through to her by saying that Steve wants Kayla to help her.  Ava lets her guard down a tiny bit, but then is back on the offensive.  Ava doesn't want to hear anymore, so she has Angelo take her away.

Next on Days of our Lives: Chelsea is getting better, Philip and John talk again, and Steve wakes up in bed with Ava.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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