Days of our Lives: April 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 21 Live Thoughts
On Days of our Lives today, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is getting the twins ready for a day at the park.  EJ (James Scott) offers to tag along to help out since they agreed to try to spend more time together as a family, but Sami doesn't think it's a very good idea.  She snits that he might need to stay home in case his new client Nicole calls.  They bicker again about Sami's big public fight with Nicole at Chez Rouge.

Dr. Daniel Jonas and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) have brought Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) to the hospital.  Daniel can't answer any of Kate's questions about what is wrong with Chelsea until he runs a few tests.  Kate thinks that Daniel is withholding information from her.  Nick (Blake Berris) shows up at the hospital to check on Chelsea as well.

Sami wants EJ to quit working for Nicole because he's underestimating how evil she can really be, but EJ insists that he only took the job because he is trying to earn money for their family.  Sami says that until he drops Nicole, he's not allowed to go to the park or anywhere with his son.  Nice move, Sami, using your child as a pawn in your fight with EJ.  He is initially indignant that she is blackmailing him with his own son.  Then he realizes that John's theory that Sami is actually jealous of Nicole might be right.  Sami denies it, but the lady doth protest too much.  I really hope that sooner or later, Days of our Lives will give Sami a storyline in which she gets more than just tertiary airtime.

Chelsea asks Daniel and Lexie what's wrong with her.  They look at each other significantly, but they tell her that it's too early to tell.  Out in the waiting room, Kate and Nick drink coffee and fret about Chelsea.  They both tried calling Bo, but neither could get through to him.  A nurse brings in some test results for Daniel to read.  After reviewing them, he orders the nurse to put a rush on the rest of the results.  Chelsea knows it's not good.  He doesn't tell her quite yet, though, and instead tries to distract her with talk about travel.  Daniel bends over and kisses Chelsea (except it's only in her imagination).  She's clearly still infatuated with him.  Daniel goes to bring Kate and Nick in from the waiting room.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Bo (Peter Reckell), Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) are still in Ava's Compound o' Insanity.  Hope and Kayla say that they can help Ava get treatment, but she doesn't want any more time in a padded cell.  She goes nuts and smashes a vase, yelling at them.  Then, suddenly changing her demeanor again, she caresses Steve's face and tells him how happy he was when she thought they were going to get married.  She starts hearing their song playing over the crazy loudspeaker in her head and starts dancing with him.  Suddenly, she sees Kayla standing there and then goes crazy again.  Kayla yells at her, saying that she holds her personally responsible for the lives of the pilots and her Pop from the plane crash.  Ava tells her cousin George to off them all, but then Kayla begs her to reconsider killing her baby.  Kayla puts Ava's hand on her stomach so that she can feel the baby kick, and asks her to call off the goons.

Steve whispers to Angelo that they all have to work together to help Ava.  Steve reminds him that Ava is not a cold-blooded killer like her old man, so Angelo goes over to Ava and asks her to rethink it.  Hope falls in and out of consciousness.  Bo notices and starts panicking, but no one can do anything because they're all tied up.  Bo mouths off to George, so George punches him out.  Now Bo and Hope are unconscious.  Angelo comes back into the room and checks Bo and Hope's pulses and says they are okay. Ava has finally come to a decision: she's not going to kill anyone, but she's going to keep them locked up until Kayla gives birth.  She intends to take Kayla's baby.  She says that giving up their baby will be payback for ruining her life.  And once the baby is born, then she'll decide which of them to kill.

Next on Days of our Lives: Sami crows over Nicole's misfortune.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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