Days of our Lives: April 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 15 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Ava sneaking into Bo's hospital room.  She quietly and evilly snarks that she really hates it when people mess with her, and she injects something into his IV drip, causing his heartrate monitor to go crazy.  But phew!  It's just a nightmare that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is having.  The real Bo (Peter Reckell) is at the pub with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), about to look through some surveillance footage from the hospital that will lead them to Hope and Steve.

Nicole, swaddled in satin, is having what looks to be a very naughty, dirty dream.  Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) barges unceremoniously into her room and demands to know why she snitched on Chloe to the Austrian police.

Bo and Kayla watch the footage intently.  They see a strange woman driving Hope's car, with Hope slumped over in the back seat.  Bo gets the bright idea to check security cameras at the bridges to figure out which direction Ava took Hope.  He gets on the phone with his buddy over at the DOT to track down the footage.  His friend calls back almost immediately, and Bo finds out that the car went into Brookville, which is a pretty populated area.  Also, Bo knows someone who knows something about the Vitalis, so it looks like they have a lead.  The only thing is, this friend, Earl, might not be as trustworthy as the DOT fellow.  He only does business face to face and only if he is paid in cash.  Earl shows up at the pub, but he won't talk because Bo and Kayla only have $250 between the two of them, and that's not enough for Earl to open his mouth.  Bo gets upset and grabs him by the neck and threatens him.  Earl realizes that it's about Bo's wife, so he offers some details: the Vitalis have a compound north of Brookville.  But he soberly warns Bo that he can't go in guns blazing like that.  If he does, Hope will surely be dead.  And plus, it's not guaranteed that they have Hope there anyway.  Bo and Kayla argue about who is going to go after Hope.  Kayla threatens to call the cops on him unless he agrees to take Kayla along too.

In Ava's Compound o' Insanity, Steve (Stephen Nichols) talks to himself as he remembers all the sexy times he had with Ava in the past.  He remembers the time he and Ava were in bed together and Ava first brought up that she wanted to marry him.  She wanted to elope and get married in Vegas.  Steve told her that he loved her, agreed to elope and promised to never leave her, and now that promise is coming back to bite him in the ass.  He gets up from his reverie and bangs on the door, calling out for Angelo.

Hope has another nightmare, this time about Ava killing the real Kayla.  This nightmare is replaced by another one in which Bo, all dressed up in a suit, goes off to heaven.  Hope wakes up and realizes that she really needs to get free.  Today's Days of our Lives is like half dream sequences and flashbacks.

Nicole doesn't deny to Philip that she wants Chloe gone.  She always got the creeps from Chloe, especially since she was "ghoul girl" from high school.  Nicole admits that she overheard Chloe's and Philip's conversation, but she swears that she didn't call the consulate.  Philip wants her out of the house tonight, but Nicole says that she'll get her lawyer EJ to back her up.  She calls EJ, who is asleep, and convinces him to come over right now.  EJ shows up shortly, all pissed off, and Nicole tells him to tell Philip that he can't kick her out of the house.  EJ starts with the legalese and gets Philip to back off for now.

Next on Days of our Lives: Kayla tells Angelo that she wants to see Ava.  Now.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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