Days of our Lives: April 1 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: April 1 Live Thoughts
Apologies for the lack of Days of our Lives recaps these past several days, as I was on holiday.  But never fear!  For I am back to distill all the happenings of every episode and bring you the most important parts.

Bo (Peter Reckell) wakes up in his hospital room on today's Days of our Lives.  He pulls out all the tubes from his arms and tries to get out of bed, but collapses.  Lexie (Renee Jones) finds him.

At Chez Rouge, Sami (Alison Sweeney) is having dinner with the INS agent and tries to convince him that her marriage to EJ is real.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) is still being held captive by Ava.

The INS officer asks Sami point blank if she loves EJ (James Scott).  She tries to dodge the question at first, but then she admits that, of course, she loves.  EJ joins them after taking a phone call from Mickey Horton.  He tells the INS officer that Mickey has offered him a position as a partner in his law firm.  This means that he is gainfully employed in America.  EJ and Sami passive-aggressively undercut each other in front of the immigration guy - which, in my opinion, makes them a real, honest-to-goodness married couple for sure - and then quickly excuse themselves so that they can bicker even more.  Sami doesn't think it's a good idea for Mickey to lie about hiring EJ, but it turns out that it isn't a lie.  Mickey himself stops by to confirm that not only does EJ have a license to practice law in the state, but he is also really a new employee.  Maggie thanks Mickey for giving EJ a chance.

Bo tells Lexie that Hope is in trouble (he had been filled in by Steve about the Ava happenings).  Bo won't tell Lexie about it, however, because Steve had asked him to keep it quiet.  Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) comes to the hospital to take charge of Bo, and asks where Steve is.  She is suspicious that something is going on with Steve and demands that Bo tell him what it is.  She then wonders if Steve's absence is somehow related to Hope's absence.  Just then, Kayla starts having pain in her abdomen.  Bo calls out for Lexie to help.

Steve (Stephen Nichols) catches up with Ava and demands to know if his wife is alright.  Ava won't give up her location, however.  Ava dons her feminine wiles and tries to wheedle back into Steve's good graces, trying to remind him that they were supposed to get married.  Eventually, Ava agrees to take him to Hope (whom she still believes to be Kayla).  They begin raising their voices at each other, and Ava threatens that if he lays a finger on her, she'll call her cousins to take Hope away forever.  Steve isn't cowed.  He tells Ava all about how Grandpa Shawn died in the doomed plane, and how everyone else almost died.  Ava breaks down and yells at him.  She is clearly mentally distraught, yelling at him to shut up.  She throws Grandpa Shawn's death back on Steve - she says that he jilted her at the altar which took her on a one-way trip to crazyland, which led to the plane crash and Shawn's death.  Steve tries a different tack: he pretends that he wants Ava back as long as she promises not to hurt anyone else.  Ava begins with the wedding plans immediately, and kisses him.

Meanwhile, in her apartment prison, Hope is reading up on all of Ava's escapades.  Ava brings Steve there, and Steve and Hope continue pretending that Hope is Kayla.

The episode ends with Bo, trying to get out of bed once again to look for his Fancy Face.

Next on Days of our Lives: Victor toasts to Daniel for saving Bo and Chelsea, Chloe has dinner with the Kiriakises.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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