'Dating in the Dark': He Says He's a Virgin. She Laughs.
'Dating in the Dark': He Says He's a Virgin. She Laughs.
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Last night on Dating in the Dark, two more groups of men and women ventured into the Dark Room to test their blind compatibility.

Lisa the mail carrier got curious when she looked inside Brian's car and found the Bible on tape. She thinks of herself as a "very sexual" person. Would his spirituality get in the way of her sex life?

In a word: Yes. Brian says he's a "passionate" guy, but when it comes to sex, he's waiting for the one. Lisa's response? A giggle-fest. Watch what happens:

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Later, after she learns through the magical Dating in the Dark "compatibility survey" that she and Brian hit at a whopping 88% ("That's a B+!" - Brian) Lisa tries to swing the virgin thing toward the positive and says with a smile, "Brian is officially the first virgin I know." (Wow, she must have gone to a pretty hardcore high school. And middle school. And ... I'm just not going to go any further.)

After their next date, Lisa declares, "Dating Brian, I would have to wait. But I think it would be worth it." By the end, she's giggling because she's so excited to continue dating him ... but when he discovers how hot she is (and remembers how "sexual" she is), he worries that it could be a deadly cocktail of temptation, and he bails instead of meeting her on the balcony.

At least former True Beauty contestant/vitamin store owner/Chippendale's dancer Billy and wedding planner Chelsea made a love connection. For now.

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