'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Aqua Team Hungry Force
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Aqua Team Hungry Force
The week's episode of Biggest Loser picks up at the end of last week's where the teams are re-introduced to the aqua team. They lost their 50 pounds and are officially back in the game along with immunity for the week. They enter the game getting immediately caught up to speed on being split up in the game, as well as the full dose of condescending vibes from the red team. Although, Adrian did have it coming by wearing that dumb ascot.

14 Hours of Exercise a Day? Please

Adrian came into the game telling anyone who would listen that while the aqua team was at home, they were working out 14 hours a day. That is absolute lunacy. I don't even have to fake any sort of medical insight, I know it's not possible because there is no way that anyone can find enough entertainment to take your mind off of working out for 98 hours a week. That being said, Adrian did come in and hold his own under the annoying scrutiny of Conda and Wrestler Kim.

The red team carries that hostility into the week's challenge. The two teams have to bounce medicine balls over a wall off of a trampoline to their partner's net on the other side. It seemed like the two players doing the bouncing side were doing way more work than the four catchers on the other side. The red team wins convincingly and gains the power to theoretically drop their smallest loser this week and the black team's biggest loser. It should prove to be a lot of power.

Conda is Making Up for Lost Time

There was a quaint little time last Tuesday when we all were disappointed at the thought that we weren't going to get our fix of Conda's childishness due the shortened episode. Well that time is definitely gone. This entire episode has been dominated with Wrestler Kim and her teaming up with catty whispering and high school musical chairs against Adrian. The genesis of this beef is because Adrian dared to say that the red team should step their game up. The truth is, they should step their game up if they want to win. The red team inexplicably sides with the girls though and Dolvett is forced to intervene.

The Weigh-ins Commence

Nancy and Megan are the two players who don't count for the week. Daphne and Chism, unfortunately for the black team, both count for their combined 3 pounds lost for the week. The black team posts a pretty underwhelming team total, but they manage to eke it out thanks to our star, Conda! This is one of the least rewarding weeks in terms of progress for the big losers and I would expect both trainers to react accordingly next week.

Adrian and Daphne are the easy targets for ridicule after the two of them combining for a measly three pounds, but they both have immunity thanks to the 392 hours of work (wink) they put in the past month. Therefore, the despicable red team votes off Nancy, who lost more weight than half of the team this week. They all were quick to jump on Adrian for "playing the game," but the fact that Conda and her terrible attitude are allowed to stay in this game is a testament to them all doing nothing but playing a game.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

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