'Bachelor' Bits: Why is Casey S. Crying? And What Does Daniel Radcliffe Think of 'The Bachelor'?
'Bachelor' Bits: Why is Casey S. Crying? And What Does Daniel Radcliffe Think of 'The Bachelor'?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Just because Ben and I are on a break right now doesn't mean that I'm on a break from keeping up with his increasingly messy and damp journey toward "love." So let's see what's new:

Why is Casey S. Crying in Next Week's Promo?
Let's put together the clues:

Clue #1: Chris Harrison says it's something about her "personal life" and that he was "concerned enough" to step in, especially in light of how he handled "the Bentley situation" last season.
Clue #2: ABC teased in a tweet last week: "Soon it will be revealed that one bachelorette still has a boyfriend... Who do you think it is?"
Clue #3: Reality Steve says that Casey S. has a boyfriend at home and the show/Chris Harrison finds out and kicks her out and that's why she's crying, because she didn't want the show to fiiiiind oooout! Ohhhhh noooooo!

Aww, poooor Casey. And yay us! We are great detectives, you guys.

"The one thing I couldn't get over was how all the girls were going, 'I just like him so much. He's so fantastic.' And I'm like, 'YOU'VE NOT MET HIM!'": Yesterday on Live! With Kelly, Kelly asked her poor, dear, surely traumatized co-host Danielle Radcliffe to reenact Ben and Courtney's skinny dipping scene from The Bachelor. Daniel is a better Ben than Ben. It was both adorable and sad. The Bachelor chatting starts around the 10 minute mark:

Guess Who Chris Harrison Thinks is the Perfect Man for Bachelorette Emily Maynard: Here's a hint: She was engaged to him, until she dumped him because he's a dim-witted goon. Sounds like it worked out great! She should definitely keep going for that type of guy some more.

Meanwhile, Ben Continues to Really Get It in His People.com Blog: "It's odd to date more than one woman and in order to do so, you have to try to treat each one individually. If I were in Puerto Rico with a beautiful woman I was dating and she wanted to skinny dip, I would be a fool to decline. I treated this situation the same way. I will admit that at the time I wasn't thinking of the other women and how it would make them feel, and I'm sorry for that, but I can't blame Courtney for going out of her way to spend more time with me - that's why we are all here." Wow, what an inspired defense. Who wouldn't wanna marry this guy?

The next episode of The Bachelor airs Monday at 8pm on ABC, when the gang goes to Panama City and Courtney takes her top off again. In the words of Kelly Ripa: This is what we watch in America, so get used to it.

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