[WATCH] 'Dancing with the Stars' Contestant Charo Meets Keo Motsepe for the First Time
[WATCH] 'Dancing with the Stars' Contestant Charo Meets Keo Motsepe for the First Time
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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After a rough, and some would say disappointing, season with Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin, Keo Motsepe is back as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars. Keo took a season off and floated back to the troupe but with Charo by his side, Keo is ready to make another play for the Mirrorball. ABC, via People.com, has released a video of Keo and Charo's first meeting. If Charo can keep up the same level of energy she shows in this first meeting throughout the season, Keo might be in very good shape.

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Charo might be better known for her reality show appearances and just being herself than she is for being an actress or singer these days, but her upbeat energy has always been on display. This is very clear in Keo and Charo's first meeting. As an effort to surprise her new dancing partner, Charo hides in a large (but not that large, she is rather tiny) box. 

Waiting for Keo to walk into the studio, Charo can be heard muttering inside the box, "I can't take it any longer, I'm very excited." When Keo finally arrives Charo pops out of the box with maracas and wastes no time hugging Keo. She also manages to wrap her legs around him which is honestly just impressive for the fierceness and forwardness of it all.  

The sneak peek doesn't give us much in the way of Keo's reaction to Charo, though he does seem surprised by her entrance and level of excitement. Charo, however, is very happy with her Dancing with the Stars teacher.

"I'm lucky," she says to the camera. "I was hoping, please, please God don't give me an egomaniac. No, he's fabulous!" 

It remains to be seen if the excitement will actually translate to ballroom skills. However even if Charo can't move as well as some of the other contestants this season she should be incredibly fun to watch. She might not win but Charo is so adorable and energetic in this clip that I personally hope she goes very far in season 24 of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars season 24 begins Monday, March 20 at 8/7c on ABC. Want more news? Like our DWTS Facebook page!

(Image courtesy of  ABC, video courtesy of People)