VIDEO: 'Dancing with the Stars' Casting Rumors: Names and Wendy Williams' Opinions
VIDEO: 'Dancing with the Stars' Casting Rumors: Names and Wendy Williams' Opinions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With only a little more than two weeks before the Dancing with the Stars season 14 cast is announced, it's high time that we start paying attention to some of the DWTS casting rumors floating around out there.

Who might we see on the dance floor this spring? Which rumors seem more realistic than others. Keep reading for the full rundown on the Dancing with the Stars season 14 rumors.

Before diving headfirst into the many rumored names, why not watch a video?

Wendy Williams -- herself a Dancing with the Stars alum from season 12 -- and her mother took to discussing possible competitors on a recent edition of The Wendy Williams Show. It's an amusing bit of gossip:

Alas for the dreams of Wendy Williams' mother, Rhianna is probably too busy for Dancing with the Stars.

Rumored Names
First of all, a disclaimer: History tells us that 90 percent of the celebrity names appearing more than a week before the DWTS casting announcement will be falsehoods and pipe dreams. I'm personally not over the whole Queen Latifah rumor from last season (because she would have been so good!).

So don't get your hopes up.

Anyway, here are some names circulating through the Dancing with the Stars season 14 casting rumor mill. In most cases, there isn't much evidence to back up the rumors.

But when has that ever stopped us?


Dolly Parton -- I don't know where this rumor originated and I refuse to believe it. Why? See above, re: Queen Latifah rumors last season. Also, she has denied it like crazy.

Stevie Wonder -- Have they had a blind dancer before? Wouldn't Stevie Wonder be too good for Dancing with the Stars?


Tim Tebow -- Sorry guys. It's just wishful thinking.

Vince Young -- The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles recently posted on Twitter that he had been invited to compete in Dancing with the Stars season 14. The tweet has already been deleted -- always a good sign.

Victor Cruz -- DWTS pro Cheryl Burke reportedly wants him on the show. And he played in the Super Bowl. And there are rumors that he can dance.

Rob Gronkowski -- He plays tight end for the New England Patriots and then told the Boston Globe that he might dance if DWTS came calling.


Bruce Jenner -- According to, DWTS producers are actively courting the stepfather to the Kardashians. And why not? Rob Kardashian was a surprise hit last season, after all. Also, he's an athlete (back in the day...) and therefore might not totally suck at dancing.

Kris Jenner -- And by extension, every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who has not previously participated in Dancing with the Stars...

Taylor Armstrong -- No reality star is too scandalous for Dancing with the Stars. Nothing is beneath the dignity of a Real Housewife. So why not?

JWoww -- Otherwise known as Jenni Farley, she's one of those Jersey Shore types. Dancing with the Stars will get them all eventually.

Tori Spelling -- Is her reality show doing OK? If not, then we should totally expect Tori on DWTS soon.

Kyndra Mayo -- According to, this Laguna Beach alum has spoken to producers about possibly appearing on the show.


Herman Cain -- Frighteningly enough, this former presidential contender has been rumored as one of the political stars approached by DWTS producers.

Michele Bachmann -- Even scarier than Herman Cain and significantly more possible.


Regis Philbin -- There is no particular evidence for this one. People just miss him after so long on TV.

Sherri Shepherd -- The co-host of The View seems to be widely rumored. No idea why.

Giuliana Rancic -- Considering her recent health problems, she seems like a long-shot.

Lara Spencer -- You would think that the Good Morning America co-host would have better things to do...


Pee Wee Herman -- He has been surprisingly visible of late. Could Dancing with the Stars be the next step in a comeback?

Perez Hilton -- It's only fair that a gossip-monger like this gets some rumors of his own.

Lisa Marie Presley -- Chaz Bono proved that the famous child of a rock icon can flourish on Dancing with the Stars. So why not the King's daughter?

Paula Deen -- Apparently, once you tell the world you have diabetes, there are no other options than a major reality competition show.

Jenny McCarthy -- She hasn't been in the spotlight for awhile. Maybe that will change?

Jackee Harry -- Like so many others, just a rumor. But it might be an amusing one, especially for fans of 1980s-era television.

Bar Refaeli -- This Israeli model would satisfy the "obscure foreign beauty" quota for the season.

Wendy Raquel Robinson -- She's on the BET show, The Game, which seems far-too-successful a program to allow for the time needed to dance.

Carrot Top -- Not actually on any rumor lists, but shouldn't we change that? He'd be extremely etntertaining.

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Who do you want to see on Dancing with the Stars season 14? Which of these names do you expect to be more than just rumors? Is anyone you love or hate on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

(Image courtesy of ABC, video courtesy of The Wendy Williams Show)