Need Some 'Dancing with the Stars'-Related Drama?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Were you disappointed when Audrina accepted her surprise defeat gracefully? Did you expect crazy ranting and objectionable language? Did you just want a scandal?

Apparently we had the wrong Patridge for that.

A night of drinks and a well-timed visit from the paparazzi caught all sorts of inappropriate rants from the mouth of one Lynn Patridge, mother of the recently eliminated Audrina. While the choicest words were for Audrina's former Hills co-stars, Lynn was happy to include Dancing with the Stars as well. posted a five-minute video of the "celebrity mom" filmed the night after Audrina's surprise elimination during week 6 of DWTS. The video offers proof that alcohol and candid interviews should not mix. Unless you really, really want to entertain us, because this is awesome.

Lynn's best Dancing with the Stars-related quotes:
  • "Last night, she #$!ing* kicked ass!"
  • "Tony told her, 'Be big and strong! Pbblt!" -- Did Tony really make that sound? I could actually believe that.
  • "And then #$!*ing Len, and I love Carrie Ann, says 'No character!'"
  • "She's got class, and do you know why?" -- Dangerous question to ask during such an interview.
  • "Audrina could've won Dancing with the Stars, but it wasn't God's will."
  • "If you think Kurt Russell and #$!*ing Sarah Palin's daughter did good, right on, I hope they win. But I hope Brandy wins! Brandy and Maks." -- Kurt Russell would indeed be a surprise win this season.
  • "I love my baby. She was hot!
  • "Dancing with the Stars rocks! Are you idiot?"
  • "Dancing with the Stars, number one. #$!* The Hills!"
There have not been many dramatic exits during this season's Dancing with the Stars. The closest thing to a scene came from Michael Bolton, who confined his Bruno rants to the talk-show circuit. At the show itself, Bolton showed grace and politeness as he danced his last. And since the singer returned a week later to perform a last-minute rendition of "Hallelujah," it's safe to say there were no truly hurt feelings.

Audrina carried on this tradition upon her departure, despite some backstage rumbles right before the elimination itself. Will future eliminated competitors hold to the same standards?

Whatever happens, we can expect some entertainment. After all, in the immortal words of Lynn Patridge: "You know what? It's all show business, baby. The show must go on."

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