Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 9 Live Results (Page 3/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 9 Live Results (Page 3/4)
It's Filler Time!  This filler reel is about how much the celebrities' lives have changed during the competition.  Ty is surprised that he's now wearing more makeup than Jewel, and Melissa doesn't have to worry about PowerPoint presentations anymore (oh, if only!).  Lil' Kim feels like her music career is suffering a tad, and everyone feels like they don't have a life anymore.  Before the show, the stars sit in the hair and makeup chair for hours.

It's time for the Macy's Stars of Dance performance.  It's the cast of Le Rêve, straight from Las Vegas.  They dance ballroom-style to frenetic club music, but then, all of a sudden, it morphs into a group cheerleading demonstration, with people doing aerial flips from one set of shoulders to another.  Quick cast change, and now a bunch of bare-chested, bald men with vaguely monk-like costumes do a very acrobatic routine.  Oh, that's the end.  It ended quite abruptly.

A little more than halfway through the broadcast, it's time for Demi Lovato to sing "La La Land," with Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith dancing.  Hmm, I'm not too impressed with Demi's singing right now.  I think she is capable of doing better, but she's remarkably atonal tonight.  I give her a 6.  Benji is, as always, a great dancer, but I'm already annoyed by that big, fat grin on his face.  I'm also not digging his and Torri's costumes, but I love their endless spinning toward the end of the song.

Samantha Harris is now backstage with Melissa and Tony, and Chuck and Julianne.  I hope Samantha doesn't ask Chuck whether he's planning to propose again.

And now, we get to find out the two couples who have the lowest combined total of judges' scores and audience votes.  Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower are safe, which means that David Alan Grier and Kym Johnson, and Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska will dance off.

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