Dancing with the Stars 8: Season Premiere Live Thoughts (Page 2/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Season Premiere Live Thoughts (Page 2/4)
NFL great Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska take the stage next.  Yay!  Edyta is definitely my favorite, favorite pro, and I've always thought the football players have done well.  In rehearsal, Edyta shows him the shoes he's going to wear while dancing, and he's not too thrilled about the heels.  He's afraid to look funny on the dance floor, but I have faith that he'll be great in Edyta's hands.  They dance the cha cha cha tonight, and I'm really impressed with him already.  His movements are confident.  Plus, Edyta's costume is weirdly fringed and definitely cool.  I'm a fan.  Carrie Ann isn't all that impressed, though, and says that he needs to be more on the offensive.  Len compliments Lawrence on his natural ease, but Bruno says that he's a bit too laid-back and needs to attack the movements more.  Is it me, or is Len actually going to be the nice judge this season?  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 6, Len gives 5 and Bruno gives 5, for a 16 out of 30.  The thing is, I think the judges are purposely under-scoring him because he's a football player.  I thought he definitely did better than a 16.

Oh my, Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer are next.  I can't wait to see this.  Steve-O's fellow Jackasses are in attendance.  They have the waltz tonight, and they have kind of slow, circus-y music, which I'm digging.  Wait, I've totally heard this music before.  Where is it from?  While I wrack my brain for the origin of this music, I have to admit that Steve-O was not as bad as I expected him to be.  Len echoes my sentiments: "I expected much, much worse, so well done."  Bruno calls it "a big pile of slapstick."  Um, was that a compliment?  I don't think so.  Carrie Ann has mixed emotions about it, but ultimately ends her review on a positive note.  Steve-O says, "I want to put my foot in the waltz's butt."  The scores: Carrie Ann gives a 6, Len gives a 5 and Bruno gives a 6, for a 17 out of 30.

Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke take the stage next.  He is the naked guy from the Sex and the City movie.  In rehearsal, Cheryl reprimands Gilles for being too feminine, and works extra-hard to overcome his lack of fanbase.  They've got the cha cha cha tonight, and you know what?  I'm rather impressed.  I think he's got a lot of potential.  It's a sexy, sassy routine, and he's got pretty good technique for a beginner.  Carrie Ann is all praise, Bruno calls it "tight, sharp and sexy" and winks at Cheryl for getting a hottie.  Len rounds out the praise, complimenting both Gilles and Cheryl.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 8, Len gives 8 and Bruno gives 8, for a 24 out of 30.

Real-life couple Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough are next.  Their rehearsals are much different than her rehearsals with other partners.  I hope they really love each other because I see a lot of bickering in their future.  But they are just beautiful on stage.  Chuck is dressed to the nines in a tux with tails, and Julianne is a vision in white.  They spin around gracefully, but I'm sensing some stiffness in his neck, just as I did with Belinda.  Bruno thinks he looked good at times, but at other times, he seemed too rushed and hectic.  Len compliments him on his footwork, but tells him to refine his footwork.  Carrie Ann thinks he's one of the most graceful men on the show in a while, but she noticed an illegal lift.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 6, Len and Bruno gives 7s, for a 20 out of 30.

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