Kate and Tony's 'Dancing' Story Will Be 'Jon & Kate'-Themed
Kate and Tony's 'Dancing' Story Will Be 'Jon & Kate'-Themed
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's April Fools' Day, but we're not fooling: E! Online got the news from Kate Gosselin herself that, in response to judge Len Goodman's challenge for the Dancing with the Stars couples to "tell a story" in next week's routine, she and partner Tony Dovolani will enact a true story: the story of her life!

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"It's my story over the past two years," Kate said of the routine. "We're very, very excited."
How would Kate describe the choreography for this spin-off of her tabloid tale? There's really only one word that does it justice:

"Dramatic," said Kate. To which Tony added, "Lots of drama." To which Kate tacked on for good measure, "Oh my gosh, so much drama."

Does that mean Tony Dovolani will be putting on a bright polo shirt and cargo shorts to play Jon Gosselin in their pasodoble next week?

Luckily for Tony (or "Poor Tony," as many deemed him since DWTS kicked off, some even going to far as to make shirts asking America to put him out of his Kate-induced misery!) the dance won't be quite so literal. At least not according to one source close to Kate who spoke to MSNBC:

"(The dance) will have to do with all she went through in some way," said the source. But will her dancing partner be playing the part of Kate's ex? "Of course not."

We should hope not--especially because it's Poor Tony's job to choreograph the whole routine. Will he be able to turn the Gosselin gossip into a gorgeous pasodoble? It's a big task, but Poor Tony has already shown he's up for anything this season, so we expect nothing less.

One stroke of luck for Poor Tony? The pasodoble is traditionally a bull fighting dance, and I can't think of two better words to describe the last two years of the Gosselins' lives than fighting and bull.

What do you think about Kate and Tony's Jon & Kate-themed choreography coming up this Monday? Will you tune in ... and will Kate be able to pull this off? (Better than she did last week's jive, anyway?)