Is There a Permanent Place for Carson Kressley on 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
J.R. Martinez may have won Dancing with the Stars season 13, but can't we all agree that the season's true star was another man? Eliminated weeks earlier, the bright light that is Carson Kressley kept on shining to the end.

Since we don't want that light to ever go out, is there a place for Carson Kressley on future seasons of Dancing with the Stars? Keep reading for a discussion of some possibilities.

What are the best options? In order of increasing awesomeness, we posit some Carson-friendly return strategies:

Sitting in the Audience
Carson can, of course, engage in the time-honored tradition of sitting in the DWTS audience while the new crop of celebrities leaps and prances across the stage. The man is excellent at reaction faces, so he would be a far more interesting seat-warmer than many before him.

This has the obvious downside of minimizing our Carson Kressley exposure. The audience is not enough!

Carson the Correspondent
Much as he did in several later episodes of Dancing with the Stars, Carson Kressley could appear occasionally as a special correspondent for the dancing show. Carson's interviews with line-waiters, eliminated pros and remaining celebrities combined ridiculous humor with actual interest in the answers received. We rarely see interviews so good on Dancing with the Stars.

This would be an excellent use of Carson if Dancing with the Stars had time for it on a regular basis. That, however, is debatable.

Special Segments
Carson Kressley appeared in several special segments during Dancing with the Stars season 13. Whether frolicking through the costume department or feeling up Maks in rehearsals, Carson obviously had a great time. And we got to share in it.

Much like Kenny Mayne has become a seasonal fixture with DanceCenter (as an aside, just picture Carson dropping in on that bit!), Carson Kressley could return with fashion tips and other random pieces of advice.

But DanceCenter is only once per season. How can we get even more Carson than that?

Carson the Host
Dancing with the Stars should seriously consider ridding itself of the pretty-but-bland Brooke Burke-Charvet and replacing her hosting duties with the effervescence of Carson Kressley.

Brooke mostly does her job, but does anybody actually pay attention to her obvious and occasionally oblivious questions? Although she's nice to look at and all, extra beauty is hardly necessary in the DWTS sea of sequins and glitz.

Carson Kressley could change all that. As we have already seen in his Dancing with the Stars season 13 video clips, the man can interview. Not only that, he can interview anyone. Sometimes he's irreverent, but that's OK. Serious worked on Carson too.

Carson Kressley as a Dancing with the Stars host? Stranger things have happened.

But something does need to happen that brings Carson Kressley back to Dancing with the Stars. Because adding Carson to future DWTS seasons means that we all win.

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Should Carson Kressley come back to Dancing with the Stars? What purpose could he serve on the show? Would it be possible to have a host worse than Brooke Burke-Charvet? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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