'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Irritable judges! Tumbling scores! Professionals making everyone else look bad! Talk about a crazy week on Dancing with the Stars.

The addition of a second dance definitely took its toll this week, with more than one dancer receiving unusually low scores for their efforts. Former front-runners find themselves in danger, and absolutely no one is totally safe from elimination this week.

Except maybe for Hines. He's good.

Which missteps will lead to elimination? There are several possibilities this week, so I'll just do my best to predict something for week 7 of Dancing with the Stars. I wouldn't be surprised to be wrong.

Most likely to go:
Kirstie Alley (score = 30)
Kirstie was having fun (too much fun?), and her jive was entertaining. But it really wasn't very good. Audiences might just be growing tired of Kirstie falling just short of her goals week after week. This week's tie for the lowest score might be too much.

Kendra Wilkinson (score = 31)
This was one of Kendra's best performances so far -- elegant and well-executed. However, it still earned the star only 31 points, just one point above the bottom scores of the night. Combined with Kendra's significantly lower level of performance overall, this night might do her in. Of course, I've said that before, and she's still here.

Most deserves to go:
Either Kirstie or Kendra
I know it's a bit of a cop-out, but I really can't decide. Kendra had the better performance this week, but she has more of a history of poor dancing. Kirstie has done better overall, but her dancing lapses might be getting too hard to ignore. I don't think it would be unfair for either star to leave in week 7.

Should be worried:
Chelsea Kane (score = 34)
Chelsea got a decent score for her paso doble, but the funky modernity was just hard to figure out. It was probably her least crowd-pleasing performance so far. With the competition getting fierce, Chelsea's lack of fame may begin to hurt her.

Romeo (score = 30)
This was not Romeo's best night. Despite a crowd-pleasing and entertaining samba performance, the judges were unimpressed, awarding Romeo and Chelsie the lowest scores of the evening (tied with Kirstie and Maks). If it were not for Romeo's string of excellent dances prior to this week, he would be in serious trouble. As it is, he'll probably sneak through.

Probably safe... For now:
Hines Ward (score = 36)
Hines produced yet another excellent performance in this week's tango. His emotional performance wasn't quite on, but the technical brilliance and overall charm of the dance carried Hines and Kym to a tie for first place. Barring a sudden and inexplicable inability to dance in future weeks, Hines is probably safe through the finals.

Ralph Macchio (score = 36)
Ralph's quickstep was one of the most entertaining dances of the night, and the judges absolutely loved it. Ralph managed to get his first 10 (granted, from the wildly erratic guest judge), and he tied for the night's highest score. Definitely a comeback from last week's stumble.

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Which stars seem destined to become ballroom legends? Which will be only fading stars in the long ballroom night? Let us know what you think!

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