'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Elimination: Audrina Heads for the Hills
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 6 Elimination: Audrina Heads for the Hills
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an upset. Finally.

Despite tying with Rick Fox for second place during the week 6 performance show, Audrina Patridge was eliminated in the current season's biggest upset. Could it be that the viewers prefer personality to perfect technique?

Whatever the case, we haven't seen the last of Miss Patridge. During interviews after her elimination, Audrina announced that her reality show has been picked up by VH1. The show, which will follow Audrina through the tricky, glamorous waters of Hollywood fame, has a planned 8-10 episodes coming soon. And there will be dancing! Audrina told People that she would be visiting partner Tony Dovolani's new dance studio with friends -- and cameras, her real friends -- in tow.

For now, however, Audrina is gone. What could possibly have led to Audrina's downfall? You know, other than her unfair advantage as an almost-lifelike sexy android.
Week 1 Dance The Cha-Cha
Audrina started the season off with an impressive solo, and the dance remained strong throughout. While she appeared a little insecure, the judges were impressed with such a start. The dance earned Audrina a respectable 19 points.

Bruno: "You look like a beautiful show pony that needs to be pushed to the limit..."
Week 2 Dance -- The Quickstep
Audrina's dancing technique and performance improved in this fast, fun dance. And any personality issues stayed far away from a dance that requires only a bright, bland smile from its performers. The judges loved the results and awarded 23 points to Audrina and Tony.

Len: "That was the best dance tonight!"
Week 3 Dance -- The Waltz
Week 3 represents Audrina's shining moment on Dancing with the Stars. She danced an emotional (shocking, I know) waltz to rave judge reviews and the night's highest score of 26. Good thing that this dance's emotion was all in the movements, not in the face.

Len: "That was the most touching dance of the night."
Week 4 Dance -- The Argentine Tango
One of the better tangos of the night (probably below only Jennifer and Derek's amazing performance), Audrina's lack of strong emotion seemed to bother the judges. Since the tango does require smoldering passion to work, Audrina's fizzle wasn't up to the task. She still managed an excellent 24 points for technique and 22 points for performance.

Bruno: "You performed a bit like the ice-queen type... Technically though, it wasn't bad at all."
Week 5 Dance -- The Rumba
The rumba is all about passion. Not surprisingly, Audrina found this one awkward. Her movements remained precise and pretty, but the passion never showed. Her 23 points? All about the technique (which was considerable).

Bruno: "I wanted pulsating with passion! Rumba has to smolder!"
Week 6 Dance -- The Paso Doble
In a week of mostly lackluster performances, Audrina performed well, placing second in the judges' scoring with a 24. And yet she went home? When even the judges fault your lack of character, you're in trouble.

Len: "To be honest, you're getting on my nerves a bit."

The End of the Line
There is no doubt that a lack of displayed personality was Audrina's eventual downfall. She certainly can dance, possibly as well as anyone this season. But her lack of emotion week after week meant that viewers had nothing to connect to when she performed. Why vote for Audrina when your heart belongs to another?

After all, to randomly quote Pulp Fiction, "Personality goes a long way."

Still not understanding why Audrina was eliminated? Then check out this clip from way back in the days of The Hills. Everything will suddenly become so much clearer if you do.

How do you feel about Audrina's elimination? Do you think it was fair? Justified? Completely insane? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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