'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Eliminations: The Curious Case of Chynna Phillips
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Eliminations: The Curious Case of Chynna Phillips
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

In a universe that devoted itself to the ideals of logic and fairness, the events that transpired on week 4 of Dancing with the Stars season 13 should never have occurred. No one sensible would have thought that Chynna Phillips -- a one-time DWTS front-runner -- would find herself eliminated so soon. And yet, this was the case.

What happened?

In all actuality, there are several reasons which, when combined together, make it entirely possible for Chynna Phillips to have been the week 4 Dancing with the Stars elimination. No one reason explains it, but a peculiar alchemical reaction of the part add up to an elimination whole.

And those parts are:

One Bad Dance
Week 4 was very, very bad for the dancing team of Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani.

Thanks to fake smoke or nerves or whatever, Chynna completely missed a large part of her tango routine. The judges were sympathetic but not impressed. The audience was a little confused and uninspired.

The results were an abysmal 21 points (tied for the second-lowest score of the evening) and, apparently, not much voter support.

Three previous weeks of fairly high-end dancing just wasn't enough to make up for one night of stumbles.

This has two parts: timing within the DWTS live show and timing within season 13.

The first dancer on any night of Dancing with the Stars is always in danger. Unless it's the most amazing performance ever given on a ballroom floor, voters are likely to forget a dance by the end of the two-hour DWTS telecast. Chynna and Tony went first and were therefore in a position of weakness.

Also important is our position within season 13 of Dancing with the Stars. The lowest of the low (probably Ron and Elisabetta this season) are gone, so it's time to start weeding out the middle of the pack.

That middle of the pack position, however, is flexible. One bad dance is enough to qualify a celebrity for "middle" status. Chynna Phillips danced poorly and was deemed unworthy to continue.

The Chaz Factor
Chynna Phillips wasn't the lowest of the low in week 4. That (dis)honor belonged to Carson Kressley, with a measly 20 points. And she tied with Chaz Bono. So why was it Chynna who went home?

It's the support. Chaz Bono has a lot of it. Possibly too much, considering how many weeks of low-scoring performances we've had from him. It would seem that Carson Kressley has a fair amount of support too, although that might attributed to his fun and entertaining dance style. Since most of us can't tell a jive step from a Lindy hop, entertainment is king.

Chynna Phillips, while a beautiful woman and a good dancer, just wasn't as entertaining or even as polarizing a figure. She didn't give audiences a need to vote for her, so she was forgotten with a single bad dance.

The Results
Add all this up, and you get the elimination of Chynna Phillips from Dancing with the Stars. It may not have been fair. It may have been unexpected. But there are reasons why it happened.

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