'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Elimination: A Bad Situation
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's Dancing with the Stars elimination was a serious blow to fans of abs everywhere. After weeks of serious effort and goofball expressions, The Situation was eliminated during the fourth Results Show.

It's safe to say that The Situation's removal from DWTS was not a shock to most. Ever since his first, barely-rehearsed appearance, viewers have been waiting for this elimination. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that The Situation lasted as long as he did.

Why did he stay? And why has he now gone? A look back at The Situation's time on Dancing with the Stars may hold the answer.

Week 1 Dance -- The Cha-Cha
The Situation did not exactly start strong on DWTS. After only a few days of rehearsal time, The Situation proved a somewhat raw performer. His dancing evoked memories of Saturday Night Fever, but it wasn't exactly a Latin success. The judges were unimpressed, throwing The Situation to the bottom of the heap.

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Week 2 Dance -- The Quickstep
The quickstep did nothing to improve the fortunes of The Situation. Despite some improvement, The Situation remained sloppy in his moves and goofy in his demeanor. The judges noted The Situation's efforts but pretty much begged for more musicality. Such a response might have signaled the end for The Situation, if Michael Bolton had not chosen that week to come out of the doghouse.

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Week 3 Dance -- The Foxtrot
This dance featured a time machine. There was no failure possible after that.

But the dancing? Not the greatest, although a definite improvement over the previous weeks' performances. Maybe it was the crazy setting and maybe it was actually getting a dance that fit his personality, but The Situation looked good in week 3. He even got to reprise his dance during The Results Show!

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Week 4 Dance - The Argentine Tango
It's not a stretch to claim this as The Situation's worst dance since week 1. Yes, he pulled off some good lifts. And yes we finally got to see those incredible abs. But that was pretty much it.

In a week with an increased emphasis on footwork, The Situation didn't have any worth speaking of. The always-present goofball look really didn't work during the tango. The Situation did manage the tango's stiff stance, but he may have overdone it. When you look like a tree whose only purpose is to support your writhing partner, that's bad.

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What Got Him?
This may be the first true case of cumulative bad dancing knocking out a celebrity. The Situation has been down near the bottom each week. He tied for last place during week 1. He beat only the doggy-stylings of Michael Bolton in week 2. Even in week 3, when his time-machine dance managed to entertain everyone, The Situation's scores left him tied with Florence Henderson in eighth place.

In addition to low rankings, we've pretty much lost all hope of improvement from The Situation at this point. The bad dancing in the first week could have been the result of no rehearsal time. In the fourth week, not so much.

In the end, The Situation is a star whose time has passed -- on Dancing with the Stars anyway. I doubt we've seen the last of him elsewhere.

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