'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Live Results: Which Star Will Fall?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 4 Live Results: Which Star Will Fall?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Another week, another elimination. We've lost three stars already, and a fourth will fade away tonight. Will our fears (or hopes) be justified? Or will the elimination shock us?

Guess we'll just have to watch and see!

Who do you expect to leave?
BuddyTV readers have a lot of opinions, and it would be remiss of me to ignore such intelligent predictions. It turns out that a whopping 89 percent of you expect to say good-bye to The Situation tonight. After last night's somewhat less-than-stellar performance, that would hardly be a shock.

But will we all be right about that? Stay tuned to find out!

Did you miss anything?
Before we can learn the results, we need to know what dances brought them on. The week 4 performance show of DWTS allowed some of the dancing pairs to rise above the pack, while others struggled even to stay on the stage.

In their defense, that stage was awfully small.

The new and round stage definitely through a few of the dancers -- even some of the professionals -- off of their game. Solid scorers like Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin found themselves receiving harsh criticism from the judges, while The Situation tangoed down to the bottom of the rankings. In contrast, we saw brilliant performances from the competition leaders. Audrina and Tony brought us a technically-strong tango as a fitting follow-up to last week's win. Brandy and Maksim found their chemistry and translated it into a thoroughly lovely rumba. But it was the pair of Jennifer and Derek who stole the evening with a nearly perfect tango. Those first 10s of the season were richly deserved!

Check out our recap of the DWTS week 4 performances!

Everyone caught up now? Excellent, because it's time for the...

The live Results Show!
And we're going to start with some...

We're going to start with the top scorers, so don't expect any surprises yet. After all, it's only the elimination of any of these stars that would shock. Hopefully they won't bother pretending that Jennifer and Derek are in any danger.

And to quote Tom Bergeron, "Ah heck. You're all safe!"

This means that...ResultsWeek4-Jennifer2.jpg

Jennifer and Derek are safe!!!

ResultsWeek4-Brandy1.jpgBrandy and Maksim are safe!!!

Audrina and Tony are safe!!!

And the audience has opinions too. Fortunately, considering some of the comments, these audience members are not the only ones deciding. Kind of too bad that no one got sweated on though!ResultsWeek4-Audrina2.jpg

And we get treated to a repeat of last night's tango from Jennifer and Derek! Yay! I could watch that dance over and over!

Oh boy, TV-theme week next week. That will be... interesting? Definitely worth watching anyway. Is there any possibility at all that Florence Henderson will not dance to The Brady Bunch theme? Hope not.

OK, now it's time for the first musical act of the night. It's the Goo Goo Dolls, doing a medley based on "Iris." I still kind of adore this song, even after a decade or so.

It would be terribly awesome if Mark and Kyle got into a topless contest. And we're also getting to see a view of Len topless. Ummm... I guess that's worth seeing? Maybe. Unless I never recover from the sight. Can't we just look at topless Mark some more?

And Bristol, sexy dancing is not the same as teen sex. Except in that Footloose town.

Anyway, it's time for more RESULTS!

ResultsWeek4-Kyle2.jpgWhich tell us that Kyle and Lacey are safe!!!

Bristol and Mark remain in jeopardy.

A commercial has passed, which means it may be time for more RESULTS? Or maybe an update about rescuing those Chilean miners. That would be an interesting change from the dancing...

Anyway, it is time for more RESULTS!!!

This time, it's the turn of the athletes, Kurt and Rick.

Now the real question of the night is, was that a real mustache on Rick Fox? Oh, maybe not. Thanks Tom Bergeron!resultsWeek4-Rick2.jpg

Rick and Cheryl are safe!!!
(Wait, freshly shaven? So it was real?)

Kurt and Anna remain in jeopardy.

Time for Len to explain how he gives out points. I think I could get a 2. Maybe. But I wouldn't count on it. I wonder if this actually reflects his scoring. Whatever, this skit is amusing me way too much! Len would be an impressive schoolteacher.

Len: "A 9 from me is a 10 from Bruno and Carrie Ann virtually every time."

Umm... Is everyone leaving the theater? Where are the dancers going?

Tom Bergeron: "Stop squeezing my ass."

Time for the "Forever Tango" people to dance for us. This should be cool!

Back from commercials, it's time for a performance by Florence and the Machine. Please say that this isn't what we'll be calling Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas after this week!

Finally time for more RESULTS!
But not before The Situation throws a hissy fit.

ResultsWeek4-Florence3.jpgSome of the lower scorers getting their results this time, so it's actually a bit tense and all.


Florence and Corky are safe!!!

(Guess we'll get to see some more grinding...)

The Situation and Karina remain in jeopardy.

Which leaves just the final three couples in jeopardy: The Situation and Karina, Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna. Which will it be? We'll find out after another commercial break or two! Also after we see the people from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (where some of the pro dancers will be heading this weekend). Also a retrospective set of video clips, many of which seem to be showing a camera that has hands and legs going through a standard day. Looks like the camera got some unusually high scores as well.

Finally, it's time for more RESULTS!!!

In which we get to see The Situation's abs dance better than he does!

Oh, never mind. It's time for more commercials. Results after the break...ResultsWeek4-Kurt1.jpg

Like I said, time for RESULTS! (If I say it enough, will we actually get those results?)

Kurt and Anna are safe!!!
Bristol and Mark are safe!!!

Which means...

The Situation and Karina have been ELIMINATED!!!ResultsWeek4-Situation2.jpg

And he's actually gracious about the whole thing. Good that this guy can be classy when he wants to be. Also laughing at his own "Situation" jokes. Bye Situation!

Well, there are your week 4 results. What do you think? Did it all go down the way you expected? Were you surprised? Let us know, and see you next week!

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