'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Why Did Jack Get the Boot?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Why Did Jack Get the Boot?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The Dancing with the Stars week 3 elimination of Jack Wagner and Anna Trebunskaya was something of a surprise. But, given the dancing we got to see during this week's performances, anyone would have been a surprise elimination. So why did Jack and Anna get cut? Keep reading for some possible reasons.

We Have Short Memories
In terms of long and ongoing fame, Jack Wagner had more than anyone -- except Gladys Knight -- on Dancing with the Stars season 14. The man has been on soap operas of various sorts for years (including a little show called Melrose Place), spent time as a tabloid darling, and even had a moderately successful musical career.

But would anyone under the age of 30 know any of this? Apparently not. And everyone else may just have forgotten Jack Wagner.

Getting to Know You...
With all of the incredible performances on Dancing with the Stars season 14, one thing has been overlooked: We don't know most of these stars very well.

I suppose this is what happens when the show doesn't go to reality TV and tabloids for its casting.

This unfamiliarity is a huge problem for stars like Jack Wagner. Sure, we got a few glimpses from his life-story clips and from rehearsal footage. But what does that tell us about the man? Not much, unfortunately.

After three weeks of DWTS competition, Jack Wagner remains a bit of an unknown. And it's hard to miss what you don't know.

Scandals That Go Nowhere
A lot of people were thinking, going into the Dancing with the Stars week 3 eliminations, that Jaleel White might get cut. This had nothing to do with dancing and everything to do with certain rumors that started making the rounds on Monday.

Someone at Dancing with the Stars leaked that Jaleel had gotten mad and yelled at his partner, Kym Johnson. According to the rumors, this altercation escalated to the point where Donald Driver and Mark Ballas got involved.

But this wasn't enough to end Jaleel's chances.

Thanks to a positive attitude from Kym, lots of "it's just stress" from everyone involved, and the obscurity of this scandal to those who don't live on the Internet, Jaleel's potentially scandalous behavior didn't seem to matter much.

Which is too bad for Jack Wagner.

Just Look at the Competition!
Gladys is too famous to go home yet. Gavin is too interesting and DWTS-unusual (plus, the musical guests were big fans). Roshon dances too well. Melissa is too Laura Ingalls (and she's partnered with Maks).

Were any of these competitors actually going to go before Jack?

They could have, of course. But it's not a big surprise that Jack Wagner would go first.

Want to Relive the Moment?

While I'm sure Jack Wagner wouldn't want to see his own elimination again, we viewers are a lot more cold-hearted. The video below gives us a look at Jack's DWTS elimination.

Were you surprised by Jack Wagner's Dancing with the Stars elimination? Did you expect it to be someone else? Leave your comments below!

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