'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Predictions: Who Will Be the First to Go Home?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2 Predictions: Who Will Be the First to Go Home?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Alas, all good things must come to an end. And the reign of 12 good dancers on Dancing with the Stars season 14 will end tonight as one celebrity is sent home. Who will it be? Keep reading for our guesses.

Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars season 14 may not have been quite as impressive as the premiere, but the dances were still awfully good. That's going to make the elimination kind of sad, really. But someone has to go. And I have to predict who that might be.


Most Likely to Be Eliminated
Martina Navratilova (scores = 20, 17)
Martina's dancing was a pleasant surprise in week 1, but she was hardly the best. In week 2, Martina was definitely the worst. She looked awkward and got the lowest scores of the evening. This might be the early end for the tennis champ.

Melissa Gilbert (scores = 20, 20)
She's not bad, but Melissa needs to bring something more to her dances if she wants to stay in the competition. Both weeks have been entirely forgettable. People need to remember you if you want votes.

Gavin DeGraw (scores = 20, 21)
One of the only dancers to improve in week 2, Gavin is still low on the DWTS pole. Charm, humor and the alternative factor might keep him in the competition, but the low scores might spell doom.

Should Be Eliminated
Martina Navratilova
It would be great to see if Martina can improve -- she's got some good moves. But a mediocre and a bad performance are elimination-worthy in this tough field of competition.

Should Be Worried
Jack Wagner (scores = 23, 21)
The judges liked Jack better in week 1, when his foxtrot was surprisingly lovely. The jive didn't work so well. An unknown quantity to many younger DWTS viewers, Jack will have to turn on the charm and the dancing to stay on the show.

Gladys Knight (scores = 23, 19)
Even with low scores (boo, Len!), Gladys gave a fun and memorable performance. She's not at the bottom, and she's kind of a legend. Gladys is in danger, but I doubt she'll go so soon.

Roshon Fegan (scores = 23, 26)
If it were only up to the judges, we would be predicting Roshon in the finals already. The boy can dance. Unfortunately, he's such an unknown and hasn't been particularly charming thus far. His scores and votes will probably combine for safety for now though.

Probably Safe... For Now
Jaleel White (scores = 26, 22)
He may have fallen from grace in week 2, but Jaleel's awesome premiere-week performance should keep him safe for now. Redemption will be necessary in week 3, but there's little chance that Jaleel won't get there.

Sherri Shepherd (scores = 23, 23)
A mid-range scorer, Sherri's great benefit is her attitude. She has attacked two dances with endless good humor, and she's super-fun to watch. Sherri definitely has a few DWTS weeks in her.

Maria Menounos (scores = 21, 25)
Thanks to a significantly improved week 2 and thanks to Derek Hough as a partner, Maria should be safe for now. But she'll have to get much more memorable and flashy to last much longer.

William Levy (scores = 24, 25)
Would you want to tell all those screaming fans that William was going home? No, and the DWTS producers don't want to either. William isn't going anywhere for a long, long time.

Donald Driver (scores = 21, 24)
When Len Goodman publicly admits that he scored you low, you're probably good. Donald has an obvious crowd-pleasing factor, and his dances have been good. He's safe.

Katherine Jenkins (scores = 26, 26)
Who would have predicted Katherine as the frontrunner? Crazy, but true. The opera singer can dance. Really dance. And she's sweet, so that should count for a lot of votes at this point in the competition.

Who do you think will be eliminated? Who has been the biggest surprise? The biggest disappointment? Vote for your elimination choice and leave your comments below!

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