Dancing with the Stars 5: Top 7 Results Live Thoughts

It's results night and that means that one of Dancing with the Stars best contestants ever will be do a Tango for stage left.  No one was even close to mediocre last night but two dancer's who have been in the Dancing with the Stars' bottom two, Jane Seymour, and yesterday's number one by the judge's cards, Melanie Brown.  Jane was in the bottom two last week, and Brown was there a few weeks back, despite pulling high scores.  This could be anyone's loss.

From the beginning, Jane Seymour is gone with food poisoning.  Sheesh, her mother died, she had a house fire, and now food poisoning?  Dancing with the Stars is bad luck for Jane.

After some typical scoring recaps, the encore is, naturally, the group dance.  It's as good as it was yesterday, everybody has time to show their stuff, blah, blah.

Barry Manilow comes on to sing.  Hmm, Jennifer Lopez appeared last week, and was on American Idol last year as a coach.  Barry Manilow this week, also a coach on American Idol, is this a pattern?

First saves are surprising for a change.  Mel B and Jane Seymour are safe.  that means whoever gets eliminated has never been in the bottom 2.

Dance War preview.  So it's like So You Think You Can Dance meets American Idol with a team mentality.  Weird.  The dancers come out and do a set to Fat Boy Slim.  It's pretty amazing.   Bruno and Carrie will be competiting against each other.  Looks vaguely interesting but seems a little busy.  Maybe I'm just getting old.

More Manilow, more retrospectives.  The competitors get to ask the judges a question, we get a piece on how the stars have bonded, aw, and a little bit of the good natured competitiveness.

Helio and Julianne safe.  I get worried for my guy Helio.  He is the last athlete, so the pressure on him is tremendous, and the judges have been harsh.  I've wavered since the beginning.  He was my original pick to win, now I'm feeling Jennie Garth, but I'd still love to be right.  Have I reminded you lately that I called Apolo last year?

Bottom two time. Sabrina Bryan, Cameron Mathison, Marie Osmond, and Jennie Garth remain.  The bottom two is Cameron Mathison and Sabrina Bryan.  Now I have seen it all.  I predicted both couples for the bottom three.

Sabrina Bryan is eliminated!  Amazing!  Sabrina's performance ability turned my opinions around as far as the Cheetah girl is concerned, but her limited celebrity amongst adult viewers has always been a threat for Sabrina and we saw that come full circle tonight.  The audience and the judges are livid.

One thing is for sure, the bar was lowered considerably with the elimination of Bryan.  Her abilities were a serious threat to any of the celebrities. Now the playing field is far more level as far as abilities are concerned.  It's all showmanship from here on out.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of ABC)