'Dancing with the Stars' Semi-Finals Elimination: Maria, Maria...
'Dancing with the Stars' Semi-Finals Elimination: Maria, Maria...
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You don't often see the top-scorer for the week go home. You definitely don't see that much when said top-scorer has been at or near the top of the leader-board several times before. But that's what happened to Maria Menounos in the Dancing with the Stars season 14 semi-finals.

So what happened?

It's Hard to Beat Sympathy, Sex and Football

It's not necessarily that Maria Menounos lost in the Dancing with the Stars season 14 semi-finals. It's more like she was beaten by her competition. When you look at it that way, Maria's elimination isn't that much of a surprise.

I mean, seriously? Look at that competition! You have William Levy, who is basically the walking, talking embodiment of sex. Katherine Jenkins -- that sweet, charming foreigner -- managed to dance well despite an injury that had her in tears. You can guarantee broken hearts in the audience from that. Donald Driver is a football player. They always attract votes.

Add in the fact that the semi-finalists in Dancing with the Stars season 14 are all -- Maria included -- incredible dancers, and it's less of a surprise that Maria Menounos lost on the votes.

Fans Will Turn on You Like That

Maria and Derek never let up with the jokey flirting. Ever. Rumors about a relationship between them have kept up for weeks now. Derek has a tendency to alienate people with his choreography. Maria has a very, very weird laugh.

It doesn't always take a lot to lose fans. And if you're not already beloved, that's dangerous on Dancing with the Stars.

Derek Hough Backlash

The man has won three Mirror Ball trophies. A lot of people may think he doesn't need any more of them. While this is hardly a fair and logical position to hold, when have audiences ever been fair or logical?

Also, some people seem to just not like the guy. Derek Hough haters are never likely to vote for him, even if his partner deserves it. Several DWTS pros have this problem -- Maksim Chmerkovskiy comes to mind...

That's how it goes.

That's What You Get in Season 14...

Honestly, with the talent we've seen throughout Dancing with the Stars season 14, this was anybody's week to win or lose. The dancers are extremely close in terms of skill and performance. None of them are big enough celebrities to take all of the audience support.

There's a certain amount of luck and immediate appeal needed this season. Those things have carried several dancers through, even when the competition looks close. A lack of fortune in one night of performances has been more than enough to bring about elimination.

Someone had to go. And, in the Dancing with the Stars season 14 semi-finals, that someone was Maria Menounos.

Did you expect Maria's elimination? Who would you have eliminated? Who do you think will win the Mirror Ball? Leave your comments below!

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