'Dancing with the Stars' Season 17: Amber's Record and the Race for the First 10
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 17: Amber's Record and the Race for the First 10
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Dancing with the Stars got off to a huge start in season 17 with some impressive dancing and even more impressive scores from the judges. Top among them was Glee's Amber Riley and partner Derek Hough getting three 9s, a 27, for their first dance.

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That's a monumental achievement in week 1, one that has only been done once before way back in season 6 by eventual winner Kristi Yamaguchi and partner Mark Ballas. But that's not the only interesting statistic from the DWTS season 17 premiere.

The Highest Score in Week 1

Not only did Amber tie Kristi's all-time high score in week 1, but she became one of just eight dancers to earn even a single 9 in the first week. That's out of a total of 200 contestants who've been on the show.

Others include season 14's Katherine Jenkins and Jaleel White, season 10's Nicole Scherzinger, season 5's Sabrina Bryan and Helio Castroneves, and season 3's Joey Lawrence.

As for pros, Mark Ballas is the best at getting a 9 in the first week, doing it three times (with Kristi, Katherine and Sabrina). This is Derek's second time, the first being with Nicole (who also went on it win her season).

The Worst Score in Week 1

While Amber's score was good, at the other end was Bill Nye who scored a 14. There are only 10 dancers who scored lower than that in the first week, six of them getting a 13 and four tying for the all-time low with 12. Those worst dancers include season 2's Master P, season 3's Tucker Carlson, season 12's Jeffrey Ross and D.L. Hughley last season.

The Highest Average Score in Week 1

While watching the season 17 premiere, you may have though the scores were all pretty high, and indeed, this year has the third-highest average week 1 score for the entire cast. The 12 dancers averaged 21.3 from the judges.

The second-best week 1 came in season 5 at 21.4. It was bolstered by two stars getting 9s (Helio and Sabrina) and two more getting 24s (Melanie Brown and Jane Seymour).

The best first week, by far, came in season 14 with an average score of 22.5. The judges must've been especially buzzed that night, because the lowest score they gave out was a 20. That has never happened before, and in fact, the judges seemed particularly enamored with that entire season, as there were only three scores under 20 all year long.

The Earliest 10

You might think it's too early to start talking about when the judges will dust off their 10s, but given the remarkable talent of Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu and Elizabeth Berkley, it's never too soon.

In fact, three dancers managed to get at least one 10 from the judges in the second week of competition. Season 2's Stacy Keibler, season 3's Joey Lawrence and season 10's Nicole Scherzinger all got 10s in week 2. And beyond that, another four dancers managed to get a 10 in the third week of competition, so it's never too early to start thinking about perfection.

The Earliest 30

After getting one 10, the next goal is to get a perfect 30. They might not be as rare as you think (there have been 130 over the first 16 seasons of the show). But how soon can we expect to see it?

Well, season 5's Sabrina Bryan and season 8's Gilles Marini set the records by scoring perfect 30s in week 4. Following closely behind, season 2's Stacy Keibler and season 4's Apolo Anton Ohno both got their first 30s in week 5.

So there's hope for Amber or others to get good scores sooner than you think. After all, Amber does have the best partner. Derek Hough has scored 24 perfect 30s, more than any other pro, and he's done it with eight different partners. However, he has also never gotten a perfect score in the first six weeks of the competition, so maybe it will be a while.

Who do you think will get the first 10 from the judges on Dancing with the Stars? And who do you think will score the first perfect 30 of season 17?

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