'Dancing with the Stars' - Season 5 Episode 2 - Live Thoughts
Yesterday, on the premiere of Dancing with the Stars season 5, Jennie Garth, Melanie Brown, and Sabrina Bryan sat the bar incredibly high for this year's competitors, perhaps too high.  If these girls keep driving the intensity, it will be difficult for anybody to catch up.  Or will it?  Tonight the men take to the floor, some of which are also in the favorites category.  Helio Castroneves, Wayne Newton, and Floyd Mayweather, are all expected to leave their mark tonight.  Check back often as we bring you live highlights from tonight's competition.

All of the dancers come out, and this time nobody trips. Albert Reed is all confidence.  I still wonder if anybody knows who he is.  Drew Lachey is still co-host, and still very uncomfortable to watch.  The show recaps the ladies performances.  Dramatic music and snap zooms punctuate Josie Maran's dismal performance.  In the backstage interview she says she sucks.  Sabrina Bryan's sterling performance is revisited.  In case your wondering, my dismissive appraisal of Bryan  taste like chicken.  The judges punctuate how high the bar is set now.  Yeah, yeah.  Let's get on with it.  After the commercial, of course.

Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska start things off.  Mathison reveals he suffered from a degenerative bone disease as a child that has cost him some mobility in his hips.  The fox trot, on the other hand, is amazingly fluid.  Usually the 'safe' choice,  Cameron and Edyta are very well synchronized with some nice moves.   The judges are all drinking the same kool aid, they saw some problems in the middle.  Hey, they are the pros. The score is a 21.

Karina Smirnoff and Floyd Mayweather Jr. follow.  This is one of the duos that everybody will be watching tonight.  Floyd gets walked out on by Karina for not wanting to push himself.  I smell a Jennie Garth fake out.  And yes, it is.  Floyd is not quite the male Sabrina Bryan, but he is somewhere between Garth and Bryan for sure.  There is some very aggressive precision work, and they pull it off nicely. The judges are brutal, Floyd brings back an 18.

Julianne Hough and Helio Castroneves.  Helio's awesome, fun-loving attitude is there from the beginning.  It is revealed that Helio suffered a knee injury during the training phase.  No sign of any difficulties during their fox trot though.  The most awesome part of this dance may be the fact that Helio is genuinely enjoying himself.  No question about it.  The judges are glowing, and Len puts the women on notice.  They manage a solid 25.

Albert Reed and Anna Trebunskaya take to the floor next.  This is a return for Anna who skipped seasons 3 and 4 of Dancing with the Stars to compete professionally.  Reed lacks fame, but has tones of charisma.  It is surprising to hear Reed give voice to those facts.  He intends to make up for his lack of fame with some additional effort.  The effort is definitely there.  Now, if the viewers vote by skill he will be in the game for a while.  The judges give the duo a 21.

Kym Johnson and Mark Cuban come up next,  As it turns out, Cuban had a hip replacement 7 weeks before training began.  Lot's of gimps this season!  They choose the foxtrot.  Its not bad considering any physical problems.  Cubans footwork is smart, if not a little inconsistent. The duo score a 21.  If Wayne Newton scores a 21, this could be a four way second place.

Cheryl Burke and Wayne Newton cap the night with a cha cha cha.  Wayne is very sweaty through the training clips.  It is clear he is serious about the contest.  Despite his career showmanship, though, the dance is extremely dispassionate for the genre.   The duo snare a 19 which saves them from last place.  But barely.

Overall, a surprising night with Floyd unpredictably in last place.  But as we know from experience, the viewer vote often trumps the judges.  So until tomorrow, it will be hard to tell by the scores who is going home.  If the judges scores did determine who was going home, it would be Josie Maran,  Tune in tomorrow to find out.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of ABC)