'Dancing with the Stars' Roundup: Kate Wants a Bodyguard, Pam Parties Hard
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The "superbitch from hell" rumors just won't stop for Dancing with the Stars contestant Kate Gosselin. After escaping elimination for two weeks mainly via votes, the success have gotten to Kate's head, Us Weekly reports. She's so "standoffish" in fact that the show staff needs to contact her through her personal security.

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"She acts like a major celebrity. It's a joke with the cast, like, 'Oh, look out - the bodyguard is watching!'" a source tells Us. The bodyguard, Steve Neild, is by no means new to the scene. Estranged hubby Jon has accused the two of having an affair.

If Kate is not exactly in the best of terms with her pro partner Tony Dovolani, fellow Dancing with the Stars contestant Pamela Anderson is a hit with hers. She partied with DWTS newcomer Damian Whitewood to celebrate evading a repeat of their bottom two finish this week.

The two were seen partying hard Tuesday night at various Hollywood night spots including Chateau Marmont, Guys And Dolls and Dominick's. The Baywatch babe was so wasted that she had to be helped to her feet by her bodyguard.

Looks like Pam's trying to have fun before she and her partner start rehearsing for their next routine. Next week, each dance will get two scores: one for performance and another for the dancing. The judges will be looking for specific moves.

Not seeing action next week is Buzz Aldrin, who tells ABC's Good Morning America that he is nevertheless "proud" that he was able to inspire those "who are trying to keep very active." The American hero also lauded partner Ashly Costa for being so "tender."

Buzz has captured the hearts of millions on his Dancing with the Stars stint. A fellow contestant has revealed that she even has a crush on him.

"I have a softness in my heart for Buzz," Nicole Scherzinger tells MTV News. "I kind of have a crush on him. I haven't [told him], but I just show it to him when I hug. He's just the sweetest guy."

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