'Dancing with the Stars' Power Rankings 9/28 - The Top Six
Yesterday, I revised our Dancing with the Stars bottom five, today is the real power rankings.  This time, I go out on a limb and call the winner, as well as the runner ups.  Whether I'm right or wrong, who knows, but I'll give you my best shot.  So from number six on up to the grand prize winner, here is the Dancing with the Stars top six power rankings.

Number Six:  Jane Seymour

Seymour will be the pivot between the weeding out and the race for the disco ball.  As graceful as she has proven to be, her limitations will become obvious as the dances become more physically demanding.

Number Five: Cameron Mathison

Mathison is terrific and likeable.  He also has some physical difficulties that may wear on him.  I expect him to go far, but not all the way.

Number Four: Albert Reed

I actually think Albert Reed has found a niche no one thought existed.  He has found his celebrity within Dancing with the Stars.  If he is able to continue to manage that well, he can get this far easily.

Number Three:  Jennie Garth

It's a tough choice when you get to the bottom three, but I can't imagine Garth not being in the finale after what she brought on Monday.  Keep in mind that she surely had no idea that Bryan was going to trump her.  In any other season, Garth's dance would have been the flag ship.

Number Two: Helio Castroneves

Helio has only begun to shine physically, he has a great partner, and a quiet determination that can bring great things.  I think Helio will beat out Garth to get into the bottom two, but he won't win the contest.

Number One:  Sabrina Bryan

A week ago I was telling you she was too cheesy to win, now I'm telling you she is just too damn talented to lose.  The only thing that could possibly work against her is over confidence.  Barring an injury or a withdrawal, the Cheetah girl has Dancing with the Stars in the bag.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of ABC)