'Dancing with the Stars' Power Rankings - The Bottom Five
Dancing with the Stars arrived this week to defy the odds makers.  Many predictions fell flat on their faces as the dancers got the reality competition off to a whole new level.  Monday, the women produced the highest scores of any Dancing with the Stars premiere so far, and Tuesday the men proved that most of them were up to the challenge.  Supermodel Josie Maran was the first to take the walk of shame, and the least famous contestant, Albert Reed, found his celebrity in the Dancing with the Stars niche.  Now that we have some real world data to work with, let's take another shot at the power rankings, beginning with the bottom five.

Number 11 – Wayne Newton

What a switch huh?  Mr. Las Vegas may have charisma running through his veins, but a flashy grin is no replacement for two left feet.  Newton was horrible.  Loveable, but horrible.

Number 10 – Mark Cuban

Cuban is a nice, normal, down to Earth sort of guy, and there is the problem.  Cuban clearly loves the competition, and at times there were flickers of Joey Fatone, but he is lacking the skill and personality to break through to the voters at home.

Number 9 – Floyd Mayweather

Yes, I agree he was robbed on the scoring, but Mayweather's worst performance was on the training clips.  Mayweather needs to keep his lazy, keep it simple attitude far in his past for viewers to appreciate him

Number 8 – Marie Osmond

Another reversal for me.  Marie may yet pull it out, her dancing was very safe and time will tell if she can flip the switch on the more demanding dances.  Unfortunately, many of her contemporaries sent a message this week: “There is no warm up period.”

Number 7 – Melanie Brown

Of the remaining competitors you might be surprised to see Brown here.  Consider this, though.  She represented with a wretched attitude, seemed to be making a snarky comment when Jane Seymour tied her, and hasn't shown a truly ‘likeable' side to herself since coming to the show.  Dancing talent aside, she is a bit of a bore.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of ABC)