'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: A Cross-over, a Sniffle and Alaska
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Dancing with the Stars Meets Melissa & Joey

Not getting enough DWTS from the show itself? ABC Family would like to help. On Tuesday's Melissa & Joey, Mel gets asked to join a local version of Dancing with the Stars.

Since the TV version of Melissa Joan Hart is not the same as the reality version of Melissa Joan Hart, she's never done this before (the reality version was a contestant on DWTS's season 9). After Joe (aka Joey Lawrence, DWTS season 3) fails to help, professional dancer Mark Ballas steps in. Please do not let the meta-ness of it all explode your brain.

Mark Ballas Does Alaska
Along with partner Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas visited Alaska to film DWTS segments, go sightseeing and rock out. The pair spent an evening at Rumrunners in Anchorage, dancing, singing (well, Mark did -- no word on Bristol joining in) and visiting with friends. It was apparently a kids' night out, however, since Bristol's fairly well-known parents did not put in an appearance. Mark Ballas did, however, meet the former Alaskan governor and provided photographic evidence of the event. Just hope the professional dancer didn't get frostbite before this week's show!

(Yes, I am aware that it's September and that even Alaska isn't so cold this time of year. Please don't take it out on my poor, weak joke.)

Audrina Has a Cold
Audrina Patridge can't catch a break on DWTS, can she? In the first week, she had the pressure of dancing first (to her credit, she pretty much rocked it). Now the former Hills star has fallen sick just in time for her second performance. Audrina does report, in her People blog posting, that vitamins and medical treatment are getting her through, but it hardly sounds like fun. Do you think the judges mark you down for sneezing during the performance?

(Image courtesy of ABC Family)