'Dancing with the Stars' News Bits: A Dance for Chaz, a Reality Show for Chynna
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The dancing has not yet begun, but there is plenty happening in the land of Dancing with the Stars. What exactly? Keep reading to find out.

Dancing and Viewing to Support Chaz Bono
As I'm sure the DWTS producers anticipated and hoped, Chaz Bono's inclusion in season 13 of Dancing with the Stars has raised a whole bunch of controversy.

A number of irate Internet users have complained about Chaz's inclusion on the ABC website, and a psychiatrist has encouraged parents to keep their children away from Dancing with the Stars this season (positing that the presence of a transgendered contestant will "erode our children's evolving senses of self").

Well, now it's time for some backlash against the backlash. Outspoken attorney Gloria Allred and activists Robin Tyler and Belinda Carroll have come together to organize a viewing party for the September 13 premiere of Dancing with the Stars.

Gloria Allred announced in a news conference that there would also be dancing at this party: "I look forward to dancing on that evening with any transitioned male or female who invites me to dance."

Hopefully, Allred will bring some comfortable shoes. She might get a lot of offers.

In addition to the viewing parties -- currently planned for Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Austin -- the combination of Allred and Tyler have formed a Facebook page and a Twitter account in support of Chaz Bono and the parties.

It's hard to say what sort of effect this will have on Chaz's DWTS chances. But it can't hurt.

Hold On for One More Chynna Phillips Show
It looks like Dancing with the Stars isn't the only reality to come to Chynna Phillips' life. In addition to seeing her hoof it across the ballroom this fall, viewers may have the chance to see Chynna and her Wilson Phillips comrades travel through their famous lives in a new reality show.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Chynna Phillips, along with Carnie and Wendy Wilson, will appear on The Wilson Phillips Project on the TV Guide Network. The program will follow the three women's attempt to revive their hit band, Wilson Phillips. And Chynna Phillips' DWTS stint is all part of that process.

In addition to Chynna's Dancing with the Stars turn, the reality show will include a focus on the band's new Christmas album, a tour, Carnie Wilson's guest-judging on Karaoke Battle USA and that random cameo in the movie Bridesmaids. Time spent with the women's children will round out the coverage.

We'll see Chynna Phillips on Dancing with the Stars long before we get a glimpse into her reality show. The TV Guide Network does not plan to begin airing The Wilson Phillips Project until later in 2011.

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