'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Week 2's Shining and Falling Stars
'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Week 2's Shining and Falling Stars
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Time to lose another one!

Tonight is the Results Show for week 2 of Dancing with the Stars season 11. Last week, we said good-bye to David Hasselhoff, and now we have to see another star depart for good. No matter how certain (or uncertain) we are about tonight's winners and losers, nothing is definite until the Results Show.

Who did you pick for elimination?

Do the BuddyTV fans reflect the wider voting audience? Last week, we all missed the mark (OK, yes. Some of you did guess correctly. Well done!) and picked Margaret Cho as the most likely candidate for elimination. The Hoff only tied for the third most-likely loser here.

Will we do better this week?

According to our BuddyTV poll, an overwhelming number of you expect Michael Bolton to disappear into the night. 95 percent of BuddyTV voters picked Bolton and partner Chelsie Hightower as the most likely to endure elimination in week 2. Only The Situation, with 5 percent of the vote, offered any challenge.

It's not looking good for Michael Bolton. Of course, it didn't look so good last night either.

Did you miss anything?
Even if you missed last night's DWTS performance show, you can still get the highlight's from our live recap.

Most of the stars shone throughout the night, with only a few fizzles. Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower received the lowest score (only 12 points) with their "Hound Dog" jive. Michael may have loosened up a little since last week, but it was definitely not enough to impress the judges. Bruno even awarded his first 3 in many seasons to the unfortunate singer.

The rest of the dancers differed in score by only a few points. The stars with the next-lowest scores, Margaret Cho and The Situation, both received praise and 18 points for their improved performances. At the top of the pack, winning couple Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough managed only 24 points for their dance (a result that led to booed judges).

So, is Michael Bolton going to pull off an upset and send another star packing? Or will he be gone after tonight? Stay tuned and find out during...

The live Results Show!
And we begin with RESULTS!!!!!Week2Massey.jpg

And Kyle and Lacey are safe!!!

Brandy and Maksim? Not so much. So far, anyway...

But a little judge self-reflection before we move on:
Bruno: "I think Rin Tin Tin would've done a better job."

So maybe reflection without re-evaluation. Oh well!

Time for Kyle and Lacey to give us another taste of their quickstep from last night. I still think this is one cool dance. And they just won't stop dancing! I like these guys.

Coming up... Performances by Seal and Janelle Monae. Also some impressive-looking aerial stuff.

Now that we're back, Janelle Monae is performing. With some people I don't seem to recognize dancing. These aren't the normal pros, right?

OK show we get it. The audience didn't boo Sarah Palin. You're not political. Just a show with mean, mean judges. Always good to blame the press for a misunderstanding, not your own editing. Boo-gate? OK, that's just cute!

Anyway, it looks like it's time for more RESULTS!!!Week2Henderson.jpg

Florence and Corky are safe!!!Week2Palin.jpg

Bristol and Mark are safe too!!!

We'll be waiting to hear later about The Situation and Karina...

But not until after Seal performs and stuff.

Back from commercials, it looks like we're going straight to more RESULTS!!! I'm cool with that.

Week2Patridge.jpgUnlike his legs, Audrina and Tony are safe!!!

Jennifer and Derek are also safe!!!  (OK, so these two might be the least shocking of the evening. Still good though!)

Just when you thought things were nice and normal at DWTS... The dancers tell you about their rituals. Most of them aren't so weird -- double socks, sweet things, football. But Corky Ballas likes to sniff the dance floor. That is... different?
It sounds like some very important choreographers are involved with this pro dance. I believe we're now hearing a Police song while tumbling and harpists take center stage. This is getting vaguely surreal. Interesting but surreal.

And now they're flying on wires. OK then.

Back from the commercials, it's time for Seal to sing for some of the female professionals. Always good for the ladies to cluster around the centrally-located singer.

Week2Warner.jpgOh, and for those of you voting in the Design-a-Dance contest, the dance of choice is the cha cha.

Some of the stars are very competitive. Some of them are not. It's pretty much who you'd expect (although maybe I wouldn't have placed The Situation in the "competitive" group).

Could it be... Time for more RESULTS!!!

The next safe couple is... Kurt and Anna!!!
Also, Margaret and Louis are safe!!!Week2Cho.jpg

What a shocker, Michael and Chelsie aren't safe. Rick and Cheryl have to wait too.

10 minutes left in the show -- four couples still in danger of elimination. Brandy and Maksim. The Situation and Karina. Michael and Chelsie. Rick and Cheryl. I would be shocked if this ended badly for Rick and Cheryl, but the others have to be sweating it at the moment.

Time for Brooke to interview Michael, who is trying very hard to be positive. Except about Bruno, who he obviously doesn't like so much right now. That's fair.
Bruno's opinion notwithstanding, it's time for the final RESULTS!!!

The next safe couple is... Rick and Cheryl!!!

But we won't find out who else is safe until after the commercial. Of course.

Back from commercials now. So can we finally get the RESULTS!?!
That would be a yes.Week2Brandy.jpg
Brandy and Maks are safe!!!

Which leaves The Situation and Karina and Michael and Chelsie.

Week2Situation.jpgAnd... The Situation and Karina are safe!!!

Which means Michael and Chelsie are going home!

Michael Bolton really does sound disappointed. Like he's disappointed in us. Should I be feeling bad? Oh well, I'll probably get over it.Week2Bolton.jpg

And those are the results! Did it go the way you expected? Are you OK with the departure of Michael and Chelsie? Let us know! Until next week... When it's Tell a Story Week!

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