'Dancing with the Stars' Injury Update: Lacey Schwimmer Strains Hip
Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer is out with an injury. RadarOnline reports that Lacey, who is partnered with Mark Dacascos this season, "has suffered injuries in and around her hip muscles." She will need three weeks of physical therapy to recover. There's no official announcement as to what this means for tonight's show but I'm guessing Mark

The miraculous part is that the report states that Lacey will continue to dance through the pain, proving that she really is a rebel in the ballroom.  However, this limited movement will certainly stop the stylish pair from some of the more intense moves fans hoped to see from Lacey and her martial arts expert partner.

Dancing with the Stars is no stranger to injury, with Tom DeLay being the first one to suffer the DWTS curse.  But it's usually the untrained, inexperienced celebrities who suffer the injuries, and the pros getting hurt is often the exception.  I guess Mark Dacascos was up for the challenge, though, as his impressive moves probably made Lacey more willing to go above and beyond her normal routines to have a chance at victory.

Dancing with the Stars will air as planned live tonight at 8pm on ABC.  Now we'll just have to wait and see whether Lacey and Mark will dance live, or if, as has happened before, their dress rehearsal will be replayed and judged while Lacey recuperates.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RadarOnline
(Image courtesy of ABC)