Dancing With the Stars for Nintendo Wii
Dancing With the Stars has quickly claimed its bright spot in the reality TV firmament, could it be aiming for the video game console world next?  Rumors have been circulating that video game developer icon Activision is in the process of creating a video game for the Nintendo Wii console which will require players to utilize the consoles advanced motion sensing technology to actually take part in the competition physically!

No one knows from where the actual rumor came in the beginning, only that it is proliferating across console news boards with lightening speed.  Almost seems like someone is dabbing his or her toe in the water to me.

The mega hit show has already spawned a live road show, and is one of the first prime time reality shows to adopt a double season approach to its production schedule.  The ratings are a bit down from last season, but season to season trends at one point projected it to be an eventually contender for American Idol like numbers.

American Idol has yet to announce a follow up to its extremely successful Playstation 2 offering, but with the success of performance oriented games like Guitar Hero and now a possible Dancing with the Stars game it is only a matter of time before they jump back in the ring.

However, the real question, as with all rumors, is does the Dancing With the Stars project actually exist?  Activision is curiously defensive about the would be project giving this ambiguous reply to Video Game Generation “We have a policy of not commenting on industry rumors or speculation.” Sounds a little testy.

If the project does indeed exist it should be interesting to see what the selection of celebrity contestants, if any, appear.  Since they would have to be licensed independently the idea of a star studded video game seems complicated, and expensive.