'Dancing with the Stars' First Dances: Elimination Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' First Dances: Elimination Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Well, we've made it through the season 11 premiere of Dancing with the Stars. After only the first 12 dances, there are already a few front-runners and a few looking to disappear soon. Some of the stars surprised us (hello Kyle Massey!), while others performed pretty much exactly as expected.

What does this mean for your favorite stars? Who will stay and who will be the first star eliminated?
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Most likely to leave:

Margaret Cho (score = 15)
It pains me to say it, but Margaret Cho may be the most likely star to go home in week 1.
She's a funny lady. She's not your typical DWTS contestant. She danced with a crazy golden shawl. I loved all of these things, but they might just send her home. The judges were very much not impressed. Will the voters think differently?

Michael Bolton (score = 16)
At 16 points, Michael Bolton did not have the lowest score of the night. But his dance, simply put, had nothing. Chelsie Hightower floated beautifully around her partner, but there was no response. There may be enough fans voting to keep him on the air, but Michael Bolton did nothing to inspire the rest of us.

Most deserving of elimination:

Bristol Palin (score = 18)
I know, I know. She's not a performer! She hasn't been in the spotlight! She's so young!
Unfortunately, that was all painfully obvious during the DWTS premiere. She wasn't awful, but she wasn't very good either. Sympathy for her effort may keep Bristol around, but this is a dance competition.

Kurt Warner (score = 19)
His dancing made him look like a nice guy giving it a try. This is probably true, but I came to see a dancer. Fortunately, for Kurt Warner, he's probably sticking around for the next week or two. Maybe there is still some finesse and style to come?

Should be worried:

David Hasselhoff (score = 15)
Not even pyrotechnics and Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" could hide David Hasselhoff's non-dancing. However, many fans (myself included) will probably want the Hoff around for awhile. At least until we get tired of his shtick anyway.

The Situation (score = 15)
He didn't get enough rehearsal time (poor thing got stuck tanning for Jersey Shore), but the dancing was still a mess. Do voters want to keep seeing those shiny orange abs? If not, we won't have much more of The Situation on DWTS.

Florence Henderson (score = 18)
Here's a story of a lovely lady who... actually can dance a bit. Instead of a tottering granny, we got Florence Henderson, dancer. She kept up, she showed style, she charmed the socks off of everyone there. Still, Henderson will have to keep up the energy if she wants to stick around.

Probably safe... For now:

Audrina Patridge (score = 18)
Audrina Patridge didn't give a perfect performance, but she did pull off the first dance with style and evident talent. Patridge's one worry should be voter apathy - how many people out there care if a former Hills star stays on the show?

Rick Fox (score = 22)
His moves were smooth, his charm was breathtaking and his score was impressive. He's safe for now, but will height sabotage Rick Fox's chances?

Kyle Massey (score = 23)
If anyone had told me before the **DWTS premiere that Kyle Massey would be a front-runner, I would have laughed. Then I saw him dance. Wow. The kid knows what he's doing, and Massey has the charm to pull it off.

Brandy (score = 23)
Her dancing was lovely. The woman seems quite lovely too. Brandy's not leaving any time soon.

Jennifer Grey (score = 24)
We get a nice feeling of justification whenever a front-runner performs to expectations. Thanks to Jennifer Grey's DWTS premiere performance, that feeling was ours. Only future dances will show if she can keep up her leader status, but Grey has started strong.

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