Dancing With the Stars Elimination 5/1 Live Thoughts
Dancing With the Stars had its “Eliminate the Underdog” night with tonight’s elimination.  Let us face it, the bottom two couples were written on the wall from the beginning.  As the competition has gone on, the home voting has come to mirror Dancing With the Stars’ judge’s scores.    Likewise, the laying out of the safe couples was not that surprising no matter how hard they tried to bring suspense to the layout.
At this point I think everybody knows that either John or Billy Ray will be going home tonight, with the remainder to be punching his dance card next week.  Both have consistently flopped between being very good and very bad, and in the case of John there is a total lack of dynamic with his partner that seemed to be under control last night but still too center stage on the fan boards.

Which of the two would go home was the only mystery this evening, as indeed they were the bottom two.  On one hand Billy Ray has twice achieved a level of redemption in the contest, only to fall flat again.  Arguably, this is because he is the busiest out of all of the contestants on the show.  Most of the contestants have dedicated far more time to the competition.  It’s certainly not a bad thing from Billy Ray’s perspective that he has enough going on professionally to keep him busy.

John, on the other hand, has plenty of time, took the spot on a lark, and really didn’t have the same amount of build up training as the rest of the dancers.  Add to this the fact that Edyta more or less puts on a one woman show and makes now attempt to bring herself down to his pace, and it is the making for a disaster.  I think John’s sincerity and good nature has kept him in the contest thus far; in the end, that was not enough because John is going home tonight and Billy Ray will have another week to dig deep.  But at this point with his nearest competitor being Ian, he will have to pull off a miracle to stay in the game.

While it was a tough call as to who of the two lowest would go home tonight, it is an even tougher call to determine who will share the bottom two next week.  Next week will definitely be the first good look at what direction the contest is going in.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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