'Dancing with the Stars' Discussion: Who's Going Home?
'Dancing with the Stars' Discussion: Who's Going Home?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's really a competition now on post-Kate Gosselin Dancing with the Stars. The seven couples took on the energetic samba and the passionate Argentine tango (not to mention a good old swing marathon).

According to your votes, it's Jake Pavelka who should be packing his bags to finally spend some quality time with Vienna ... and the leaderboard agrees. So we ask YOU:

Is Jake Pavelka the worst dancer left in the competition at this point?

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We haven't really seen much technique/improvement on the part of the Bachelor star, and his big bundle of energy had so far translated to nothing but stumbles on the dance floor. But hey, you can never really count out a guy who's willing to go pants-less on national television, can you?

What do you think? Is it really time for Jake to go? Or should Pamela Anderson be shown the door alongside her child-unfriendly vibe? What about Niecy Nash and her jiggly (and so far lackluster) parts? Must Evan Lysacek be punished for having an off-week? Or are people getting tired of seeing Nicole perfect every single dance she does?

Tell us what YOU think. Sound off in the comments below.

FINAL THING: Now that the field has been narrowed down to 8, don't forget to vote on Round 2 of our Ultimate 'Dancing with the Stars' Pro Partner Showdown to make sure your favorite makes it to the semis. Voting ends Thursday so cast your votes now!

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