Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 12 Performance Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 12 Performance Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
The eighth season of Dancing with the Stars continues tonight with another two-hour performance show.

Last week, singer Belinda Carlisle and her professional partner Jonathan Roberts earned eternal ignominy in becoming the first couple to be eliminated from the competition.  But let's focus on the 12 remaining couples who still have a shot at winning Dancing with the Stars.  Will Steve and Karina step up their game and come out on stage with guns blazing?  Will Steve-O be able to dance despite his back injuries?

Whatever happens, you'll find it all right here in my live blog.

Live!  From Hollywood!  This is Dancing with the Stars!

Oh good, all the competing stars are healthy enough to dance tonight, so Steve-O will be here.  This week is the first week in which all couples have had the same amount of time to learn their routines.  Should be good.

Denise Richards and Maksim Chmerkovskiy kick off the night with a samba.  The rehearsal footage makes it look like Maks is getting frustrated with Denise, but he lightens the mood by dressing up in a silly bright pink bandeau top and ruffly skirt.  He shakes what his mama gave him and his top comes sliding down - rowr!  But in their performance tonight, they are both dressed in tasteful black.  As much as I like the outfits, I hate their performance.  It doesn't look like Latin at all.  The music was awful and Denise was so awkward and stiff.  Len gives some cautiously gives some tepid praise, but Bruno says it was flat and more of a waffle than a samba.  Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno.  She notes that Denise was exhibiting fear on her face throughout her dance, and her hands were pancake hands.  Hm, first waffles and now pancakes.  I'm hungry now!  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 5, Len gives 6 and Bruno gives 5, for a 16 out of 30.  Samantha Harris, backstage, completely flubs a question.  Someone needs to take the mic away from that woman, STAT!

Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough have the foxtrot tonight.  Chuck feels like he's got a lot to prove tonight because they backslided a lot with last week's salsa.  This week, he's all about biznass.  Wow, Julianne is really gorgeous in her performance clothes and hair.  Chuck is great too, but I'm bored to tears by his tux.  But it's about the foxtrot.  He's a got a much better rhythm this week.  He's selling his performance, and although he still doesn't seem completely sure of himself in parts, he's much improved.  Bruno is "happy to see on on the driving [sic] seat" and something about a "stick shift."  I think those are positive comments.  Carrie Ann also really likes the performance, but gives a tiny correction about his posture.  Len agrees that it's difficult to teach one's partner to do anything (he taught his wife to drive, and she eventually divorced him), and he thought that Chuck's performance was good, but not great.  The scores: Carrie Ann gives 8, Len gives 7, Bruno gives 8, for a 23 out of 30.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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