Dancing with the Stars 5: Top 9 Competition Live Thoughts
Last week was the highest scoring week on Dancing with the Stars, with the women beating out the men, and Mr. Las Vegas Wayne Newton sent packing.  Will the women continue to dominate, or will the men please the judges and America more?  Keep refreshing the page as I provide you with live thoughts during the show.

No more Drew Lachey!  Samantha Harris is back from maternity leave and looks fabulous.  Except for the big black bow on the front of her dress.

First to dance the Viennese waltz, to the tune of Mr. Bojangles, is Mark Cuban.  He looks incredibly sweaty in practice and tends to overthink all of his steps.  It shows in his performance--he looks stiff to me, with a fake smile plastered on his face.

Ha!  Tom Bergeron made an "Internets" joke!  Len thinks this was Mark's best dance yet.  Bruno and Carrie Ann are a bit more critical, but still generally positive.  Mark gets two sevens and an eight for a total of 22.

Next up, Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas have the paso doble.  She's really giggly during practice and hopes that she can keep her face stern during performance.

Wow, Mark can really move!  But so can Sabrina.  I really think that she nailed her performance, all except for her outfit, which I thought was unflattering.  She's a pretty woman and fit, but her tight blue dress makes her look a bit like a sausage.  Bruno says that she's like a prowling lynx, and Len can't find anything wrong with her tonight.

Tom Bergeron tells us that tomorrow night Wade Robson is going to perform.  I'm such a big fan of Wade!  I loved his hummingbird and flower routine and fox routine on So You Think You Can Dance!

Woah!  Sabrina and Mark get a perfect 30 for their paso doble!  The first one of the season!

Back from commercials, it is Jane Seymour's turn.  She and partner Tony Dovolani have to do the Viennese waltz as well.  Jane says that she's also a painter, and they dip their feet in paint and dance over a large canvas on the floor.

For her performance, Jane looks regal with a tiara on her head and her impossibly good posture.  I thought the performance was fine, she and Tony have a good connection and they were very smooth, but I wasn't entirely blown away.

Carrie Ann nitpicks that Tony did an illegal lift with Jane.  Bruno thinks it was exquisite.  After commercials, we get the scores: two nines and an eight, for 26.  They show an instant replay showing the lift that Carrie Ann pointed out.  It really does look like both of her feet were off the ground, but she and Tony still deny it.

Floyd Mayweather and Karina Smirnoff are next.  Last week, they were in the bottom two.  During the past week, Floyd visited an elementary school.  He is very entertaining.  They dance the paso doble tonight.  He opens the number with this awesome red cape swirling, but I'm not impressed with his performance overall.  He started out okay, but his arms got all wrong.  He doesn't have nice lines, as the judges are wont to say, and his shoulders are all hunched throughout.

Len likes that Floyd gives it his all, but that makes him lose some control.  He gives it a "Bloody good job."  Bruno thinks he went from a bulldozer to a bullfighter in one week.  Carrie Ann also thinks that Floyd and Karina did a lift as well, but other than that, she thought that Floyd showed a lot of improvement this week.  After the break, it's time to get the scores.  He gets two eights and a seven for a 23.  Floyd is happy with it.  Hopefully, this score will keep them out of the bottom two this week.

Next is Melanie Brown (Mel B) and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  She was at the top of the leaderboard last week with the jive, but she seems to be having trouble learning the Viennese waltz this week.  Maybe if she didn't wear such bright neon leg warmers, she could concentrate more.  I don't really like the beginning of their routine, but they settle into it and start to feel comfortable.  They have good synchronicity and dance well together.

Bruno is swept away by Mel B's elegance and finesse.  Carrie Ann thinks that she's sensual and womanly and tells her to work on spotting in her turns.  But Bruno thinks her turns were just fine.  Len gives her a "Bloody good job" as well.

After facing the judges, Mel B tells Samantha that if they make it through to next week, she's going to take Maks to London for a Spice Girls shoot.  Mel B and Maks get a score of 26 for their waltz.

Next up: Cameron Mathison and Edyta Sliwinska's paso doble.  After the last week's show, Cameron immediately called his kids.  Cute!  Their practice doesn't look to promising, and Edyta is clearly frustrated with the soap star.

Their performance music is the Superman theme song, and he's wearing this silly jumpsuit with a C emblazoned on his chest.  Wears the underwear on the outside?  Wow, Edyta has a fabulous figure.  Their performance is solid.  I know that the paso doble isn't supposed to be a fast dance necessarily, but was a little bit plodding to me, but good nonetheless.

Carrie Ann loves the performance but points out that they did a lift.  Len says that Cameron goes with paso doble like fish and chips.  And Bruno also raves.

Cameron is really out of breath, and says that he hurt his leg this morning in rehearsal, but it didn't show.  Cameron and Edyta get a nine from all the judges, giving them a score of 27.

Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts is next.  Marie needs to work on her posture, so she attends a ballet class with 8-year-olds this week.  Marie and Jonathan do a very nice Viennese waltz this week.  Their steps are very fluid and she does this spinning thing on the floor, but they are not selling me with their passion and chemistry.

The judges are generally positive, if a little lukewarm with Marie's performance.  They say that she looks a little sleepy, and Carrie Ann points out that her hair looks like a stripper's, so she is the sleepy stripper.  After the break, Marie gets two nines and an eight for 26.

Jennie Garth and Derek Hough are up next to do the paso doble.  I might be a little biased on this one because I've loved Jennie since her Kelly Taylor days and even into her What I Like About You days.  During rehearsal, she says that she has to be a bull or a cape for the paso doble.  She's so cute, I love her!

For the performance, Jennie wears dramatic eye shadow and and a dramatic black and red dress.  I guess she's supposed to be a cape because she's wearing a long red skirt.  She moves beautifully and really sells the performance.  Derek is no slouch either.

Bruno says that Jennie is getting better every week.  Despite nitpicking again for an illegal lift, Carrie loves her performance and says that Jennie is becoming one with the dance.  I love old British guys like Len, who says that her routine was "blooming fantastic."  And her scores are an eight from Carrie, a ten from Len, and a nine from Bruno, for a total of 27.  Jennie and Derek are ecstatic about their ten from Len.

Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough is the last up.  They are assigned to do the Viennese waltz, and he tries to take the lead in rehearsal; they butt heads a bit over who is the teacher and who is the student.  Helio is in a white suit for his performance, usually cheesy, but it works with Julianne's feathery dress.  I think they nailed their performance--so elegant and in control but with beautiful fluidity.

Carrie Ann commends Helio and Julianne for keeping her toes on the ground.  Finally, a team that didn't do an illegal lift!  Carrie Ann says that that watching Helio dance makes her happy to be alive.  Len and Bruno also loves them.  They get nines across the board from the judges for their waltz for a total of 27.

Tune in tomorrow for the Dancing with the Stars Results Show.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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