Dancing with the Stars 5: Top 9 Power Rankings - The Bottom 3
With the recent elimination of Wayne Newton, not to mention the erratic scoring this past Monday, power-ranking Dancing with the Stars is no easy task.  Front-runners have fallen, mid runners have leapt to the front, and the number of sure misses have dwindled.  Yet, we are undaunted.  Without further pomp, here is the new bottom three.  Now sorted by the expected order of elimination.  That's right, the gloves are coming off.

So just to prime the new format for the Dancing with the Stars power rankings, I'm doing the bottom three today, from number 7 down to the very bottom at number 9, with number 9 being who I expect to be voted off next week.  This is my attempt at building tensions.  Humor me and don't leap to the bottom of the article.

#7 Cameron Mathison

What is keeping Mathison in the game is his talent and his notoriety.  What is eroding his standing is his behind the scenes attitude.  Mathison is an intelligent, talented man, who is also dreadfully neurotic.  Mathison's key advantage against any negative factors is that he has a daytime soap on the same network, All My Children, that probably has a lot of the same viewers.  This will not help him once the ‘Ross Perot' factor of the other bottom three are eliminated though, as their votes are likely to drift higher up the food chain.

#8 Mark Cuban

Once the next guy on this list is out of the way, Cuban will experience some of the same depreciation as Mathison once the person before him is eliminated.  Until you have a pool of super-celebrities, the guess work is sort of matter of fact.  Cuban has talent, he has determination, but his particular brand of celebrity has a narrow focus.   On the subject of talent alone, Cuban is good but still looks awkward and struggling, a stark contrast to his partner Kym Johnson.

#9 Floyd Mayweather

Surprised?  Good, you shouldn't be.  My theory is that Mayweather has not fully made the connection between boxing and dancing.  His moves are executed skillfully, but he pads them with dead space waiting to sync up with his partner Karina Smirnoff.  If he applied that logic in the ring we wouldn't be calling him the “best boxer in the world.” Mayweather's performance have a grating staccato feel, there is no illusion of constant, coherent motion that is so vital to good dancing.

And there you have it.  Don't forget to return next week after Dancing with the Stars to make fun of me if I am wrong, or pat me on the back if I am right.

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- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of ABC)