Dancing with the Stars 4.6 Recap
Dancing with the Stars 4.6 Recap
This week’s Dancing with the Stars brings a variety of Latin dances and a group swing dance. With two dances to learn, it’s apparently been an exhausting week for everyone. One couple missed rehearsals for the swing dance entirely. Did it hurt the group dance? Not especially.

Nobody scored a thirty tonight, but three came pretty close. Which contestant was called a “randy fighting cockerel” and which a “dancing teddy bear” by the judges? Read on to find out.
Joey & Kym
Joey and KymKym says Joey’s more focused this week in rehearsals. After last week’s remarks from the judges, Kym brings in an “expert” to help Joey be more masculine - Jerry Springer. And they samba. Len says they sold it; Bruno says he “went for it like a fighting cockerel” but says he messed up a bit on the technical side; Carrie Ann agrees about the footwork, but says it was one of their best performances thus far, and says Joey’s “insane” but that’s great. They score nines all round.

Heather & Jonathan
Heather and JonathanHeather’s got to go to England, so they practice on the plane. (The other passengers are not amused.) Heather says Eva Perón is her inspiration for their Paso Doble, so they go visit the Evita set in London. Eh, their dance is okay, I guess. Bruno seems to be in love with “Heather Mills the Opera”, and says they’ve captured the spirit and the drama of the dance, and adds “and you know a thing or two about drama.” Carrie Ann and Len both agree that they’re great but Heather still needs to work on her posture. Two eights and a nine for Heather & Jonathan.

John & Edyta
John and EdytaJohn thought he’d be voted off by now, so he overbooked himself. Edyta goes with him to Pixar. It’s not very exciting on screen. Edyta must’ve heard me making fun of her, because she uses “dark horse” correctly. Their mambo is pretty much at their usual level, which is to say at the bottom. Carrie Ann says he’s cute, like a dancing teddy bear, but has a problem with the footwork. Len thinks John seems to be having more fun now, but that the dance was “awful” and that he “waddled like a duck.” Bruno rounds out the animal metaphors and says it’s “like the owl and the pussycat” but while it was filled with technical problems, “you did your best.” Hmm, that’s a pretty backhanded compliment. Two sixes and a seven for the bear, or duck, or whatever.

Laila & Maks
Laila and MaksimMaks says the cha-cha is “cheeky,” just up Laila’s alley. Laila wants to put some funk in the cha-cha, saying that “choreography’s great, but now we need to put on a show.” And they do, scoring a ten and two nines from the judges, which Samantha Harris accidentally announces too early. Len says Laila’s “bit” of the choreography was not his cup of tea but they were “pure gold tonight.” Bruno says Laila had a “bit of Tina Turner going there,” and Carrie Ann loved it too but tells Laila to remember “eyes up.”

Billy Ray & Karina
Billy Ray and KarinaKarina says they’ll work hard enough on their jive that Billy Ray feels comfortable, and they decide to go for the Dancing with the Stars audience vote instead of the judges’ vote by focusing on fun over technique. (That’s good, as Billy Ray doesn’t really have much in the way of technique anyway.) It seems to work, as Bruno says it’s “Going the right way Billy Ray,” and Carrie Ann says that while their dance was “filled with moves I’ve never seen before” the audience loved them. Len says whatever Billy Ray lacks in dance ability, he’s always entertaining. Sevens all round.

Apolo & Julianne
Apolo and JulianneThey’ve got a lot to live up to this week, and Julianne’s sick during rehearsals. Apolo goes on again about their supposed “brother-sister” vibe, saying it makes the rumba harder. Julianne brings in her brother, also a dancer, to help out. I guess it works, as they score another ten and two nines. Carrie Ann says nothing but good things, while Len says they overused the chair in their routine. Bruno says it was a “choreographed poem” and argues with Len about whether it was “too theatrical.”

Ian & Cheryl
Ian and CherylIan is happy that this week’s dance offers him a chance to play a character, as the bullfighter in the Paso Doble. They’re technically good, but there’s something missing. Len says he was a little disappointed, and that it lacked drama. Bruno tells him to “disengage the safety net” and that he’s just not getting it. Carrie Ann says he has what it takes to make it, but wants to offer some advice that “may seem strange,” (and it does.) “Watch Billy Ray.” Um, what? Yes. “You’re lacking a sense of truth and joy when you dance.” Still, they score eights all around.

Judges’ scores:

Apolo & Julianne - 28
Laila & Maks - 28
Joey & Kym - 27
Ian & Cheryl – 24
Heather & Jonathan – 23
Billy Ray & Karina - 21
John & Edyta – 19

(Boy, that’s nearly the same order as last week, with only Billy Ray and John switching places, plus Laila’s moved up to tie for first.)

In the group swing rehearsals (which Heather & Jonathan miss) they look like they’re having a great time. Laila says “Ain’t nobody flipping me,” saying she’ll be doing the flipping. Indeed, she lifts Maks at least once in the performance. The group swing dance isn’t scored by the Dancing with the Stars judges, and all their comments were of the “good job everyone” variety.  I found the camerawork confusing, myself.

Who'll be leaving this week? Surely one of those bottom three. What do you think? Share your opinions by commenting below!

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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