Dancing With the Stars 4/30 Live Thoughts
With the competition narrowed to six couples, Dancing With the Stars is turning the heat up big time.  Tonight's competition brings some huge challenges for couples who were on the cusp last week, most notably Ian & Cheryl, and Billy Ray & Karina, and the pressure is on between Apolo, Joey, and Laila for top honors.  Here is what the competition looked like when the dust settled.

  • It was a very bad night for Billy Ray and Karina.  After last week the duo really needed to bring some serious performing to the ball room and it just didn't happen.  At best it was, dare I say, clumsy.   As much as I hate to say it, I think Billy Ray has saved John.

  • John & Edyta did surprisingly well.  Edyta was actually more in tune with John this week.  For the past few weeks she has been dancing circles around the poor guy making them look extremely out of balance as a 'couple'.  This week they were more together.

  • Apolo & Juliana missed the mark by a mile this time around.  Don't get me wrong, the heat was there but it just wasn't enough.  The step-up factor was missing.  Of all the top couples, Apolo and Juliana seemed to be the most comfortable with their position and really made no attempt what so ever to push the envelope.

  • Ian and Cheryl, on the other hand, seem to have finally arrived at the sweet spot.  Frankly, I thought if nothing for the improvement alone this was their night, but the judges didn't score it that way.  Not that twenty seven is a bad score, but I honestly thought they belonged at the top.

  • The top for the night is a tie, amazingly.  Laila and Maksim continue to capitalize on their mutual dexterity and ability to ready each other,  it was the closest we came to 'art' all night.  Joey and Kym , on the other hand, sold their stint on the floor a level of class and fun that really defined the performance aspect of this contest.  It's no surprise at all that Joey & Kym, and Laila & Maksim tied with near perfect twenty nines.

Prediction time.  It would be predictable to stick with last weeks prediction but as usual I'm surprised here, we are looking at Billy Ray going home.   Granted he probably has a larger raw fan contingent than John, but are they watching this show?  That is the question, and I'd venture to say that Dancing With the Stars doesn't have that great of a cross over appeal for Country listeners.

- Jon Lachonis, Senior Writer BuddyTV   

(Image from ABC)