'Dance Moms' Recap: Partners-in-Crime Break Up
'Dance Moms' Recap: Partners-in-Crime Break Up
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson
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After a week's hiatus, Christi returns to the Abby Lee Dance Company with Chloe in tow. She's prepared for Abby's attitude, but she doesn't expect the cold shoulder from her former bestie, Kelly. With Kelly and Christi wrapped up in their own tension, no one has any major conflict with Abby this week, and the results are pretty miraculous. Abby's a relatively decent teacher in this episode! Aside from replacing Chloe's name with "Blondie," she's a fair, supportive leader who doles out praise, hugs and even some dollar bills to the dancers. If this is how things go when Kelly and Christi battle each other, these partners in crime should stay broken up.

Duet Do-over

Chloe is on probation after a week's absence, but she's still invited to join this week's group number, "Money is the Root of all Evil." Maddie's back at the top of the pyramid and scores a solo, "You Don't Know Me," while apathetic Brooke gets the second solo, "Careless." The big surprise in the lineup comes as a result of a bold move from Nia, though. Since her duet with Paige was cut last week (to punish Holly's insubordination, not Nia's), Nia goes to Abby seeking a second chance. Holly and Abby are both impressed (as am I), and Abby lets the girls perform the duet at this week's competition. Nia and Paige give a joyful, electric performance that -- while not technically perfect -- is theatrical and crowd-pleasing. Abby is proud of them, even after a fourth place finish.

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Abby Praises the Dancers

Abby doesn't just take it easy on Nia and Paige this week. As usual, she heaps praise on Maddie, but she's also impressed by Brooke's level of skill and commitment. When Brooke snagged fifth place in her age division and the duet earned fourth, I expected a fit from Abby, but that's not what viewers were treated to. Abby praised all of the dancers and gave out hugs backstage. Of course, it helps that Maddie's solo and the group performance both earned top scores. After winning the group competition, Abby took a fistful of dollar bills from the girls costumes (because yes, they attached real bills to their outfits) and tossed them to the kids, saying, "Sometimes greed is good." Money may be a root of evil, but it isn't the only one, and a competitive spirit can certainly be a good thing sometimes.  

Christi and Kelly Drop Some F-Bombs

Of course, there's healthy competition, and then there's silly, unproductive drama. Christi and Kelly's fight falls into the latter category, although their feud did allow Abby to focus on teaching more than arguing, so at least there's that. In case anyone's forgotten, Christi is angry and hurt that Kelly didn't call to check up on her soon enough after she stomped out of a dance competition. Kelly's mad that when she finally did call Christi, the call was not answered or returned. Now that Christi's back in the group, they're awkwardly avoiding each other and pretending to like Melissa just to have someone to help them through this difficult time. 

They do finally come to blows, though, getting into a shouting match and tossing profanities around like there aren't hundreds of kids within earshot. As harsh as the fight is, it's better than the awkward silent treatment they were serving up before their battle. Now that the band-aid's been ripped off, I suspect these two mean girls will patch things up and go back to terrorizing Abby, Melissa or anyone else who gives them reason. But if they don't mend their friendship, that might not be the worst thing in the world. 

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