'Dance Moms' Recap: While Maddie Takes LA, the Apples Take the Stage
'Dance Moms' Recap: While Maddie Takes LA, the Apples Take the Stage
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
As this week's Dance Moms starts, I must ask: has the focus changed to the Candy Apples? The past two weeks have centered on the Candy Apples while Abby's working on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition -- but more about that later.

Cathy does realize that Dance Moms should be about having the best dancers. Her goal is to become a household name with Anthony's help. To help the students understand, she introduces the Apple Tree concept with Nick at the top. Poor Campbell -- she's got the Nia/Kendall spot at the bottom because she didn't do the group dance. Campbell's mom plans to do some apple polishing to get Campbell noticed. Hadley's spot near the top makes Yvette (who still despises Abby) happy.

This week, the Apples travel to Columbus, Ohio, to the Masters of Dance competition. All will be in the hip-hop group dance about clubbing, with Hayden and Nick having a duet (jungle style) and Mari and Jalen performing solos. This will be Jalen's first solo and it is contemporary. Cathy and Anthony will judge the two weak links to determine who will stay with the team. Dance dad Rick immediately goes on the defensive, telling us that Jalen is a self-taught break dancer. Anthony is worried about Jalen's technique and inability to do a pirouette. And this is important because?

At Cathy's house, a bunny inventory is underway with a comparison to the original Dance Moms. Anthony is working with Mari, who becomes so stressed she has an asthma attack. Of course, this gets back to Cathy, who decides to have a talk with Anthony. The parents fight, and when Anthony tells Jalen to do 20 push-ups, Rick has a meltdown and complains that the girls weren't called out for the same mistake. What's this? Rick's crying in confessional. Has he suddenly started channeling Christi?

The next day, Cathy talks to the parents. She realizes they are upset and will talk to Anthony about his teaching style but accuses him of chasing students away and starts laying down her rules. He immediately sees her as babying the students with their discussion under the watchful eyes of the parents. Alli (Campbell's mom) is upset over the confrontation and the aftermath of Cathy's tears.

At the competition, tension is high. Cathy brings in a rabbit for the group's mascot. She tells them the team must be five and for the parents to do the math! Both Jalen and Mari make mistakes in their solos, finishing in ninth and eighth place, respectively. The duo comes in first and the group dance finishes second. Cathy isn't happy and tells the group to do some soul searching, then turns on Anthony and tells him the same thing.

And what about our Dance Moms cast? In LA, Abby is rehearsing on the stage with Maddie, who is performing with Abby's helping. Luckily, this is a noncompetitive piece so there will not be any conflict of interest.

Next week, it's Dance Moms Chatter. With the gossip I'm hearing, this could get good!

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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