'Dance Moms' Recap: Chloe and Kendall Battle
'Dance Moms' Recap: Chloe and Kendall Battle
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Last week, the season 4 premiere of Dance Moms had Jill scratching her head over Kendall's low placement on the pyramid when Abby placed Nia above her. Unfortunately for Nia, her dance didn't place which will give Kendall the edge this week. With the team going up against the Candy Apples, fireworks will fly.

In the practice room, Abby immediately attacks the girls for their third place finish last week. Abby is determined to win first place this week since Cathy will be at the Believe Talent Competition in Ohio. Payton is at the very bottom of the pyramid because of her behavior while Maddie is first because of her high scores. Maddie will not have a solo this week, but Chloe will do a Katy Perry number while Kendall will be doing Lady Gaga.

Abby also reminds them that all are replaceable. The moms are dismissed upstairs while the girls start the group routine -- "Just Another Number." Abby tells us she wants a whole team of Maddies; wouldn't that be dull? Holly sees what Abby is up to and states that each girl is an individual and should be proud of whom they are. Payton is standing out in a negative way and Abby isn't happy with her.

In Ohio, the Candy Apples are back with the moms in the studio. Oh great, Black Patsy is back. Their number this week is a lyrical piece because that's how Abby wins. While Nicaya is improving, Cathy gives the solo to Lucas. Of course, Black Patsy (remember this is her name not mine) sees this as favoritism as Bridgette and Blake (Cathy's choreography) have a relationship.

In Pittsburgh, Jill is questioned about Kendall's solo. Christie knows that Kendall had a private lesson on Sunday when they came back from the competition. She also knows that Jill will do anything for Kendall to win. Jill decides to leave to book privates and admits it.

Abby rehearses the solos. Chloe will be doing a jazz number to "Hear Me Roar." Christie knows that Chloe must beat Kendall to have a chance on the team. Kendall will be doing "Demand Applause." Abby tells us that Kendall just tries to nail the steps and forgets the facials. (Didn't we hear this last year?) Jill watches with a smug look. Holly is still trying to understand Abby's viewpoint in the dance. Kelly agrees and points out that all children are different. Jill, of course, only agrees with Abby so Kendall will become a favorite. Abby is calling Payton out on her rehearsal which upsets Leslie. Meanwhile, Nicaya's mom, Kaya, leaves Cathy's studio after disagreeing about the choreography.

As the groups arrive to crowds at the competition, Cathy is confident of her team's home field advantage. As the girls prepare, the moms feel the pressure due to Cathy and the open auditions. Chloe is dressed in a beautiful red and gold costume. Kendall is in a two-piece white and multicolored outfit which isn't as flashy as Chloe's. Both are told that they will be up against Lucas.

The competition is underway and Lucas goes on stage. He has wonderful stretches and extensions as he dances to a Spanish piece of music (for which I didn't see the title). Cathy thinks that Lucas has it wrapped up. Jill is upset because she thought Kendall would be last but Chloe is. Kendall takes the stage and almost immediately falls out of a step in the routine. She gets up and continues. I admire her for that, but she still needs help with the facials. Christie sees the error as a break for Kendall. Leslie gets called down by Abby for her comments in the audience.

Chloe takes the stage and her costume makes her stand out. She may have one bobble, but I couldn't tell for sure because of the dance. Cathy's moms look worried during this dance and Kendall backstage isn't happy.

The girls go to the dressing room and Abby tells Chloe she could have done better. She calls Kendall on her bobble and tells Chloe that she played it safe. Jill thinks that the discussion would be different if Kendall had danced last. Leslie, meanwhile, is outside crying because Abby doesn't recognize her loyalty. Melissa tries to calm Leslie but instead Leslie attacks. Abby's pep talk is: I don't want third place.

Abby's girls are first with Maddie being different from the rest. To me, the spacing looks slightly off, but otherwise the number looks good. Hey! Nia just got some quality camera time and looked beautiful. Cathy's group comes on with Lucas shining again. While Cathy calls "I Believe" lyrical, I call it modern.

At awards, Jill wishes for Kendall to place higher than Lucas and Chloe, but she gets fifth place. Lucas places fourth which upsets Cathy. Chloe gets second place. In the small groups, it's a tight competition, but Cathy's group takes second and that means that Abby's group gets the regional championship.

In the dressing room, Cathy is rethinking the choreography. In two weeks, they will travel to Roanoke. In Abby's dressing room, all get a hug before Abby reminds them that it's going to be a long competitive season. Abby tells Chloe that she is the number two girl on the team. She then tells Payton that Leslie's conduct was out of place. Leslie attacks Abby, who decides that Payton is off the team.

Next week, the open auditions start and Jill attacks. Payton also suffers an injury.

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