'Dance Moms' Recap: How a Newbie Fails
'Dance Moms' Recap: How a Newbie Fails
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's Dance Moms will be visited by the Candy Apple team. When Cathy comes to play, Abby's little sense of fair play goes out the window. With another new girl on the team, Abby is out for Cathy's blood. Let's sit back and see how many times Cathy gets to Abby without even trying!

As We Begin This Week's Journey

The previews are already getting on my nerves, but we'll get to that. Abby tells Gia that she's bringing in Fallon to start shaping the new team. Fallon and Cheryl are told they will have two days to get ready for the competition.

At pyramid, Abby grins as Fallon comes in and tells the girls she's casting a new team. Here we go again! No Kalani this week thanks to Kira. Abby wants win 10 this week. Kendall is on the bottom followed by Chloe and Nia (both for the improv). Mackenzie and Fallon are on row two, and Cheryl thanks Abby for the opportunity to dance. Maddie is at the top again (boring!) because of one of her best performance ever. Wait, Abby -- aren't all her performances the best?

This week at In10sity in Ohio, "Red with Envy" will be the group routine and Fallon ("Voices in My Head") and Kendall ("Just as Rain") will have solos. Kendall joins Nia with the threat that she's about to lose all solos. Jill asks about Abby's mom and suggests that the girls do a show for her.

Rehearsal starts and the moms are banished to the observation deck where they watch as the girls work. This routine is meant to make Cathy red with envy. (Wait, that's green with envy, Abby.) Melisa asks Cheryl how old she is. Tact Melissa does not have! Cheryl does tell the moms she will do anything for her daughter.

Cathy in Ohio tells us that Blake isn't there, but she has a new choreographer, Erin, from LA. Their dance is "The Last Dance" about abandonment and loss. If they don't win, it might be their last time. Gavin will perform a solo called "Better When You're There." He may just beat Abby's girls.

Abby's mom is at a hospice, Sterling House, and the girls go to perform. Abby has a new dog and her mom has Broadway Baby on her bed (that's a little too gross for me). In the commons area, Abby tells the patients to be quiet as the girls perform. Each get a solo part and Nia ends the routine with a death drop. Abby is glad they could put a smile on the patients' faces. The visit ends with the girls performing with the patients.

Kendall and Fallon rehearse their solo, with the latter's facials looking forced to me. Melissa thinks Cheryl looks old. The moms question whether Fallon can perform with the group as she rehearses her solo. The moms don't see her fitting in.

When Abby joins the moms upstairs, she tells Cheryl that she wishes Kalani was there because Fallon just isn't working or has the look Abby wants. Cheryl quickly jumps to Fallon's defense and starts to cry. And it's not over for Cheryl when Abby learns that she forgot Fallon's costume while on the bus. Abby takes "bad mom" out on daughter Fallon.

Cathy's Territory is Invaded

In the dressing room, Cheryl continues to fail as she doesn't have make-up and other necessary items for Fallon. The other moms help out, but Abby calls it babysitting. Abby's team is a team and the moms realize that. Meanwhile, Cathy is running Gavin's solo and being encouraging. This is a vast difference to the (lack of) encouragement speech that Kendall gets from Abby.

On stage, Gavin dances first and looks good with his extensions and spins. Kendall takes the stage and has a clean, beautiful routine which Jill sees as a first place winner. Fallon forgets her routine, which makes Abby go to the judges to tell them Fallon's history and lack of skill. Way to go Abby! I'm sure the judges appreciate your assistance.

In the dressing room, Cheryl offers encouragement to Fallon when Cathy comes in. Good old Cathy! She squeals to Fallon about Abby's lack of respect. Jill kicks Cathy out only to have Abby arrive to complain about Fallon.

As the groups prepare, Cathy wants to see Abby's group before she lets her team dance. Cathy will pull the dance if she doesn't think her team can win. Abby expects her girls to win number 10. Abby's group goes first with Maddie as the lead soloist. Backstage, Cathy watches and tells her team that she is pulling the dance. Maddie brings the news to Abby and the moms.

At awards, it is a close solo race: Fallon gets third. Gavin and Kendall are separated by one-tenth of a point with Gavin taking first. In the small groups, Abby's group wins it all.

As everyone celebrates in the dressing room, Abby leads the girls in a cheer for winning 10 competitions. She excuses all but Fallon and Cheryl, who get told that they're basically through with the company. In the hall, Christi asks Cathy why she didn't compete, and Abby enters and calls Cathy a coward. It goes downhill from there.

Next week, Lola and Honey show up to teach and the girls come out looking, as the moms say, like "drag queens." And Payton is back, so Lesley will bring the drama. 

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