'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby Seeks Revenge After Christy Insults Her
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby Seeks Revenge After Christy Insults Her
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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This week's episode of Dance Moms will be missing its star, Maddie. She's off in "La-La Land" and Abby doesn't have a ready replacement. What will Abby do? I'd offer a tear for Abby, but she always tells us to save your tears for your pillow.

Pyramid Time

The rehearsal room is filled with students waiting to see where they fall on Abby's fail-o-meter. Abby's is celebrating beating Cathy again. Abby, get over it already. Oh no! This week, poor Abby is without Maddie, who we see in her "Chandelier" performance. I still say that wig was bad. Abby is making the girls show character and emotion this week. They must prove they're special.

Sarah is in the hall, so that means Christy is here. Pyramid, though, doesn't go as Christy wants it. Yes, the bottom row has Maddie, Chloe and Nia, but Sarah didn't make it to first place. She's below MacKenzie and Kendall. Oh, so sad, Christy, but this is Abby Lee's company.

This week, the troupe will go to Powerhouse in the Shenandoah Valley with three solos and a group routine called "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" (cue Cher, please). Abby explains that tramps are like Charlie Chaplin while the gypsy is spiritual. My question: where did that come from? Anyway, Abby will give the lead in the dance to the most deserving dancer. And guess what? Maddie is due back the next day.

In solos, Kendall will be doing the contemporary lyrical, "Not Just Another Pretty Face." This would have been Maddie's solo if she hadn't been in LA. Nia gets the jazz solo, "The Underdog," because she must always fight to get ahead. Chloe will be doing "I Should Have." Abby tells us that Chloe used to win but now doesn't. Christy gets upset because Sarah has been winning and gets zero. Now it's time for a lesson as Abby takes Sarah's picture down and threatens to bench her. I remember when Kelly got sent to the corner for doing this, but Christy gets a pass.

Rehearsals with Maddie

As rehearsals start, you know that Abby is comparing the girls to Maddie. Why? Because she uses Maddie's name in comparison every chance she gets. When Maddie arrives at the studio the next day, Abby wants her to share the "Ellen" experience and it turns into a gloating session for Melissa. Let's add insult to injury, shall we? Abby then has Maddie assist with the girls' solos rehearsal. And surprise, surprise, she already knows the group number. Maddie has asked Gia to teach her the solo at her private that day and quickly picked it up. What else do you expect from a star?

The moms are upset, but Melissa seems jealousy. As the students rehearse, the moms see Maddie as being the spear in each girl's side. Holly gets upset when Abby tells Nia to bark like a dog. Since she's promised Nia not to say anything, Holly doesn't attack Abby. She leaves that to Christi, who gets upset when no group costume arrives for her daughter. When she complains, Abby tells her to pray that UPS gets there in time. Christi tells Abby that it's time the trash was taken out of the studio and they should begin with Abby. Christy seems to forget that this was a complaint of the Hylands. Sarah is out and pleads with Abby, who will allow her to go. She can if Christy stays home, which won't happen. The routine has to be reblocked.

The Competition

As the girls prepare, Abby is determined for wins. The costume for Kendall is beautiful but shows it was meant for Maddie. Wait a minute. It looks like Gia is in costume this week. Nia comes in dressed as a dog (with a puppy's nose). Holly feels that Nia's automatically at a disadvantage because of the costume. Christi feels the same way too but it's because of Chloe's lack of costume. Today's performance will dictate the girls' futures at the studio.

Nia is up first and Abby has been stressing facials. She shouldn't have worried because Nia nails the dog dance. I agree with Holly that the costume hurts her chances of winning. At least Abby seems happy as Nia does her death drop. Next up is Chloe, and Christi knows it is about technique and style because she doesn't have the costume to win. Again, the routine is very crisp and precise with some ballet moves. Kendall is last with Maddie's solo and -- let's face it -- she's not Maddie. The number looks good but not with the cutesy faces that Maddie does. The group routine is not to Cher's song but does carry the gypsy theme. It shows to those who know spacing that they're missing a girl, but it's a good.


The awards have Nia getting fourth place and Abby looks upset. Second goes to Chloe, which makes Christi happy. Abby thinks that Chloe should have been first but hasn't trained like she should. First place goes to Kendall, which makes Jill ecstatic. The group dance gets first, which makes Abby happy. I wonder if Abby tries to change any of these scores?

The Dressing Room Aftermath

The moms express their frustration. They point out that Kendall got Maddie's solo, which was great. Jill thinks it wasn't easy to Kendall. One thing the moms celebrate is no Christy. Of course, Abby celebrates Kendall. Nia wasn't sassy enough for Abby. Chloe needs to work harder. Abby tells us they're all not ready for stardom. Maybe they would be if treated equally.

Next Week

Chloe has a solo. Abby is worried about her soloists. And MacKenzie loses it. 

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