'Dance Moms: Miami' Recap: Abandonment Issues
'Dance Moms: Miami' Recap: Abandonment Issues
Victor and Angel set an example this week when their theme is appropriately titled "Abandonment" to reflect Sammy and Abby's recent threat to quit. After the blowout last week, I'm surprised that Abby had enough humility to come back to the moms and let Sammy continue with the other Stars. Then again, she showed up late and was anything but apologetic for their behavior. Coincidentally, Angel abandons the group by not attending the competition, and the moms are feistier than ever.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Here's a shocker - the Miami dance moms have actually agreed to get along. For now, at least. After fighting yet again with Abby and attacking Debi and her parenting skills, the moms unite and agree that arguing only hurts their kids. Maybe now they will realize that most of the time, their dancer will be placed lower on the list not for how they performed, but how their mothers have acted at the competition. I'd like to believe this group will remain a team, but I really don't think the moms will remain harmonious much longer.

Weight Is Just a Number

Weight is an issue again this week, and unfortunately Hannah is the target. It's really sad that girls as young as Hannah have to worry about a number on a scale, but in the dance world it seems to be quite important. Hannah works just as hard, if not harder than the other dancers, and I don't think she should have to listen to the other moms or anyone else tell her that she is overweight. In comparison, the other dancers are extremely thin, and whether her mom is setting a bad example or not, it's heartbreaking to see how this is affecting Hannah emotionally.

Thank goodness Victor and Angel see Hannah's potential and give her a solo, because she shows up the competition and earns second place for the first time ever. It's hard to not get a little choked up after so many people saying that she isn't up to par with the other dancers. It just goes to show you that weight is just a number, and she can do anything the other Stars can do.

A Team Effort

It looks like Victor and Angel's abandonment theme went a long way because it appears to have reunited the Stars. Abby and Sammy are now in it for the long haul, and I hope that after seeing how smoothly things go when the moms get along that they will continue to work together.

The Stars come out on top in all categories, and it's hard to imagine that anything could have gone better for them this week. Next week it looks like there might be a new Star added to the team! I can already tell this mom is going to be one major drama queen, and she's definitely going to shake things up. What do you think of tonight's episode? Did you like the group abandonment number? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV next week for your Dance Moms: Miami commentary!

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