'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Taking Turns at the Pass
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Taking Turns at the Pass
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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One might think that Gordon Ramsay is far too busy looking for the next Masterchef or dusting his way through Hotel Hell to worry about what's happening on the show that started it all. Not true! Well, at least for a few more weeks, that is. Four cheftestants remain on Hell's Kitchen, firing up those stoves for the top spot and new title as Ramsay's executive chef at Steak at Paris in Las Vegas.

After finally saying goodbye to the indestructibly dirty Clemenza last week, Dana, Justin, Christina and Barbie are left standing, but not for long. Two cheftestants will be asked to hand over their jackets tonight after displaying their teaching skills once again. Each of the four will head a team of chefs and fight for a spot in next week's finale.

"The best part is yet to come -- Chef Ramsay," reads Justin from a note given to the group by Ramsay, just before his family and the families of Dana, Barbie and Christina walk into the Hell's Kitchen dorm. In attendance, we find Christina's girlfriend and mother, Justin's parents, Barbie's partner and kids and Dana's parents. The hugs and kisses only last so long because there is still a competition to be won.

The next morning, Chef Scott calls the cheftestants and tells them to hurry outside because there is a car waiting for them. What exotic, fun location could they be heading towards this time? The grocery store! Big whoop!

Challenge: Each cheftestant is given a whopping $15 to design a fine dining dish within a 10 minute period. The winner will turn their dish into the largest profit.

"My inspiration came when I saw that pork was $5.99 a pound!" smiles Barbie. She's obviously going for the economic route while Dana, for instance, purchases halibut. Ironically, Justin is the only one who goes over budget, 57 cents over budget, that is.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, the cheftestants scurry around the kitchen, creating their dishes.

Chef David Lefevre of Manhattan Beach Post, Bon Appetit editor Hugh Garvey and Christian Philippo of the Patina Restaurant Group are invited into the dining room to help judge each of the dishes and announce the highest price they would pay for those dishes.

Average Cost Per Dish:

Justin's shrimp -- $28.33
Barbie's pork chop -- $33.00
Dana's halibut -- $34.00
Christina's swordfish -- $33.67

Challenge Winner: Dana

Not only will Dana enjoy a meal at Chef Lefevre's MBP restaurant, she will also spend some one-on-one time with the chef. Unfortunately, Christina, Barbie and Justin will have the daunting task of separating every bit of trash for recycling. Oh, joy!

While Justin complains of wanting to vomit at the stench of garbage, Barbie announces that this is her Friday afternoon pastime. "Get over it!" she adds. Why are there not more educational things to do around your home, Barbie?

At MBP with Chef Lefevre, Dana learns how to perfectly serve up some mussels. Now she must serve them, literally. Sitting at the table are Dana's parents, whom she still refers to as "Momma and Dadda." The three losers who are still trying to rid themselves of the putrid smell of trash don't wish to hear about this glorious reward when Dana returns to the kitchen. Therefore, they silently agree to ignore her.

Dinner Service at the Pass

David Hoenemeyer, the president of Paris in Las Vegas, will be in attendance as each cheftestant takes their turn leading at the pass.

First up is Justin. Chef Scott, who is embedded into the kitchen mix, has offered up the first test, inserting a scallop in the spaghetti. Justin immediately catches this and orders him to fire up another. The planned tests don't seem to be a problem; his problem is, actually, Dana who wants things done on her time or no time. Funny how those who win the weekly challenges are usually the ones who Chef Ramsay has to bark at during dinner service.

"Young lady, if you're doing this to sabotage him," starts Ramsay, "then you're doing a [expletive] good job!" Dana cleans up her act so that Justin can serve his dishes. She's next at the pass. Things start off well, but she fails her quality control test. Chef Ramsay slips sugar into the risotto and she almost sends it out!

Barbie is at the pass next, or is she? She's shouting out ticket orders, yet she's facing the diners. Turn around, woman! Finally, she gets her directions right and gets on the ball. Chef Scott hands out another test, giving Barbie celeriac mash instead of mashed potatoes. She passes easily. Again, the problem is Dana, who fails to communicate with Justin while on scallops.

Last at the pass is Christina. She's ready and assertive from the get-go. Guess where her problems come in. Say it with me now! DANA! She slows the kitchen down. Christina is served her quality control test via Chef Ramsay when the spinach garnish is actually arugula.

Service is complete. Ramsay orders the cheftestants up to their dorms to discuss who they believe should be eliminated. Hmm, I wonder who that will be.

"I really don't feel like anyone did badly," whispers Dana. Yeah, right! Everyone is in agreement. Dana failed and should go home. Even Christina, her best friend, knows who deserves to leave.


Barbie pleads her case, explaining that she isn't ready to go home. (Is anyone?) Justin says, "I know I have what it takes to be in whatever kind of brigade there is." Dana explains, "I learn from my mistakes and I don't make the mistakes again." Christina argues that she lead her team and will do just that for Ramsay.

Eliminated: Barbie and...

Two panels drop from behind Chef Ramsay. Apparently, the two cheftestants who will be competing in the final will have their pictures pasted 10 times big so that no one's confused. So is it Justin, Dana or Barbie? We will just have to wait until next week's over-the-top finale to see.

This is it, folks! Next week's finale will crown the winner of Hell's Kitchen, and the eliminated contestants return. That's right. Robyn is back! Make sure you tune in next Monday for the season 10 closer.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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