'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: It's Raw!
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: It's Raw!
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Last night on Hell's Kitchen, the Blue Team dominated in the blind taste test thanks to Justin's perfect score. Justin, Clemenza, Brian and Robyn enjoyed a day at the water park while the Red Team slaved away during delivery day. Tensions flared, as always, and prep for dinner service was not running as smoothly as one would hope. Will a distracted Clemenza be sent home for raw quail? Or will the argumentative one trick pony Kimmie be rid of the women don't trust her?

Tonight is the Red versus Blue menu dinner service. The question is not only which team will come out on top but will all the remaining eight cheftestants survive the night? Chef Gordon Ramsay has already had to raise his voice and the first ticket hasn't even been called!

"No chef, I'll fix it," pleads Clemenza. Yeah, he better fix it or he and his dirty coat will be out on the street. No more bones in the quail, please.

James is told to open the doors to Hell's Kitchen.

Red v. Blue Menu Dinner Service

The diners will be given comment cards to fill out after service is completed so that Chef Ramsay can better determine a winner.

Right off the bat, four flat breads are called out and Christina is feeling the pressure. "Somebody, like, help me out please!" she tells cameras. Thankfully, Barbie steps in and appetizers are flying out of the Red kitchen.

Robyn is working to kick Justin's scallop and shrimp stuffed into squash dish out of the Blue kitchen. First they're raw and then they're over cooked. "Madame, you're all over the place!" yells a flustered Ramsay to Robyn. They're way behind the Red Team.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. Barbie offers to help Kimmie with her rib eyes, but she says no. She should have taken the help because Ramsay sends the cold meat back.

Back in the Blue kitchen, Robyn is STILL having issues. They've run out of scallops, so she has to personally tell a table of diners the problem and offer substitutes. Luckily for her, her plan B looks to be working.

Kimmie tries the rib eye once again and now they're over cooked. "I thought you cared," addresses Chef Ramsay. All Kimmie can do is look back at him with that stink face of hers. At least pick up a spatula or something!

"I swear to God," starts Ramsay, "I don't give a [expletive] if the whole team goes home tonight. I DON'T CARE!" This is what it took for Kimmie to finally serve up perfectly cooked rib eye steaks.

The Blue Team finally gets their entrees out to diners once Brian adds fried onion rings to his garnish. First he forgot them THEN he clumped them all together like a ball of yarn. Really, Brian?

On the Red side, Dana makes a dumb mistake for possibly the first time. Her lobster returns to the kitchen under cooked. "It's more pink than Paris Hilton's lipstick!" cries Ramsay. She tries it again and gets it right. Now that's hot!

We all thought Clemenza was the dirty bird of the competition. Think again! Tiffany was preparing fish garnish in DIRTY PANS! Barbie even points out to viewers how many clean pans there are in the kitchen. I think it's time for Tiffany to go home.

Nope, Clemenza is staying clean this go round. His problem tonight is just being utterly confused. He claims to not have understood what Chef Ramsay called out on the ticket so he fires up the wrong number of sea bass. To make matters worse he says he has the sea bass coming right up when one can see clear as day that nothing is in the pan! "I'll [expletive] nail you to the [expletive] post!" points Ramsay. Brian steps in and tries to help.

Last night, Dana told Tiffany that her prepped potatoes were crunchy, remember? Well, it came back to bite her butt tonight. Her potatoes are sent back to the kitchen and Ramsay is not happy. "I care about food more than my family," Tiffany tries to convince the confessional cameras. Raw potatoes. This has turned from bad to ridiculous.

The Red Team is still better off than the Blue Team, though. Most of the Blue diners are waiting on their entrees. Justin cannot get his timing together to feed anyone.

Oh wait, the Red kitchen is now at a stand still at the end of the race. Tiffany's potatoes are STILL a problem Chef Andi tells Tiffany to "take a walk" and Dana takes over. Poor Dana! No matter how many times she sticks those potatoes into the oven, they are still crunchy!

While the Red kitchen waits for potatoes to cook, the Blue Team finally comes crumbling down. Brian and his raw sea bass have managed to get his entire team kicked out as they sit on the final ticket. So close!

"I don't get it," comments Clemenza. "We just got kicked out of our own kitchen on our own menu." Well, that's what happens when you continuously serve raw or over cooked food!

So who finishes up the Blue Team's orders? Chef Ramsay and Chef Scott. I think those diners really lucked out for waiting two days for their food to arrive. The potatoes on the Red Team finally finish cooking and Ramsay kicks them out, closing dinner service.

Chef Ramsay stands before both teams now with the comment cards, but it's of no use because he rips them all up. Tiny pieces of paper cascade down to the dining room floor. There is no winner tonight.


Justin and Brian of the Blue Team nominate Robyn to be eliminated. "You set me up for failure, bro," says Robyn to Justin. I agree with Justin about this. It's not his fault that she doesn't know how to cook squash blossom. Clemenza is torn on who to vote into elimination, but seeing as how he's scared of Justin he finally votes on Robyn.

Tiffany is pouting over how her potatoes fiasco turned out. She claims she was sabotaged. Either way, the names in the hot seat are Tiffany, Barbie and Kimmie. It's up to Christina to choose between Barbie for apparently giving looks in the kitchen and Kimmie for just being Kimmie.

The Blue Team has to give a second name and as soon as Clemenza hears his, he starts mouthing off about why he shouldn't be up for elimination.

Who will go home?


The Blue Team sends up Robyn for the appetizers and Clemenza for the fish station and what happened during prep. Does that even count? They're all just turning petty now.

The Red Team nominates Tiffany for those raw au gratin potatoes along with Barbie for her prep performance. Ramsay doesn't look happy, but he goes along with it.

Tiffany thinks she's a valuable member and she cries huge crocodile tears. Barbie doesn't care if her team wants her gone, she's still in it. Clemenza says it's not his character to lie, but ... he did. Robyn says she's a team player and she keeps fighting. Ramsay is NOT hearing it, she isn't working out anywhere.

Eliminated: Tiffany

"I want your best or I will start getting rid of you a lot quicker," warns Ramsay. Everyone better wake up!

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, Kimmie's culinary dream will visit the dining room. Hell's Kitchen is going southern style! Will she step up to the plate or fall short? Make sure to tune in!

Jilliane Johnson
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